Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition: 7 Beginner Tips

Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition: 7 Beginner Tips ...

Chrono Cross was developed as a follow-up to the critically acclaimed Chrono Trigger in 2000, with exception to its combat system, as well as occasional references to its predecessor. However, the Chrono Cross is built on its own as a gift that can be enjoyed without previous knowledge of the Chrono Trigger.

Square Enix has released a remaster for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, which is similar to the Radical Dreamers text adventure game. This is the first time that players in Europe may purchase the game without paying for imported goods. This list has been created to give them some early beginner tips for this game.

7 Play The Radical Dreamers First

Radical Dreamers was inspired by the Satellaview in Japan in 1996 and was able to stream games and content via satellite. Radical Dreamers was one of these games and featured Serge, the energetic thief known as Kid, and the brooding magic wielder Magil.

The three embark on a journey to steal Frozen Flame from Lynx, the main antagonist of Chrono Cross, in the trap-filled Viper Manor. As a text adventure, the choices made and conversations are entirely text-based. It''s a departure from the big JRPG adventure that is the main game, but it also gives players more context and a story that ties to Chrono Cross''s many twists, turns, and complexities. It also gives the player some insight into Serge

6 Don''''t Be Afraid To Take A Wrong Turn

In the text adventure called Radical Dreamers, there are a lot of discussion possibilities and ideas to go. Some decisions can make the party take a wrong turn or initiate a fight. Fortunately, one can relax in the knowledge that all paths can be traced back to the beginning, and the fights aren''t too tough.

Keep in mind that returning to the beginning of the Manor is only a few minutes away. Thankfully, the game''s length does not take much time out, and it''s just a simple process of trying to remember to take a different door rather than making a right. One can also save their game at any time by pressing the Triangle on the PS, Y on Xbox, or X button on the Switch.

5 Save Often In Radical Dreamers

The Radical Dreamers text adventure isn''t too complicated and taking a wrong turn is quickly corrected. However, there are certain situations where making incorrect choices will lead to Serge''s death. Also, be aware that during certain events and battles the player must make quick decisions. If one takes too long then the game will decide for them.

One must look carefully in a fight, whether it''s fighting the Gob Squad in the Treasure Room or encountering a Griffin. Typically, getting successful dodges is usually a matter of attacking. It''s still wise to maintain the game after every crucial event.

4 Talk To Every Character

Getting into the main character in Chrono Cross, one will soon discover that there''s a lot of plot and content to absorb and inwardly digest. This means that there''s a lot of discussion and conversations to be had with the main characters and NPCs in the game.

Talking to every character in JRPGs is a special skill for most beginners as it entices a fan''s need to know everything they can know about the world and the universe they will be spending tens of hours in. Also, consider permitting all dialogue to be exhaustive.

3 Take The Time To Explore

The world of Chrono Cross has always been ahead of its time, both in terms of visual beauty and depth. There is a lot of world-building for lore enthusiasts and a slew of NPCs as well as main characters.

Many of the secrets and lore can only be discovered with a little exploration and, as mentioned earlier, by initiating conversations with every character in the game. Certain NPCs will offer rewards, and some things require specific actions to obtain new key items and weapons.

2 Play Defensively And Heal Often

At the same time, knowing when to defend and heal in Chrono Cross is crucial to the party''s survival. Besides, knowing when to initiate an escape will also save the party from total annihilation.

The boss avoids making a meal out of the party unless a designated healer is available on standby to ensure that the attackers can fight and steal at any rate. Lastly, if Radical Dreamers instructs the player something it''s best to save as quickly as possible.

Only focus on the leveling of favorite characters.

In Chrono Cross, there are 45 playable characters to collect. Many will have different abilities, looks, and styles that will appeal to everyone. It''s wise to only focus on the player''s favorite characters to level up.

Chrono Cross is a game that will be repeated once per hour as part of the experience. So focus on the characters that one intends to stick with throughout the game''s long adventure.

The Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4 and Xbox One can now download the Chrono Cross: Radical Dreamers Edition.