Bots have ruled Team Fortress 2 over

Bots have ruled Team Fortress 2 over ...

In any online competitive game, dealing with cheaters, hackers, and bots is a difficult task. Call of Duty: Warzone is one of the most popular examples, but Team Fortress is the only community that has experienced virtually no relief.

Team Fortress 2 is approaching its fifteenth birthday, but that doesn''t mean it''s an unloved game. However, TF2 still manages to see pretty high user counts on the Steam platform, although many of the players aren''t having a good time.

Since at least 2020, Team Fortress 2 has experienced a significant botting issue, and it has now arguably improved, not just in 2020. Valve initially addressed the problem and made some modifications to limit who could access certain aspects of the game, including voice chat, but the TF2 patches were insufficient at the time, and the botting problem continues. Players report that they cannot play the game at any time on Valve''s casual match servers because of a large number of bots that automatically shoot their opponents when they arrive outside

The problem is becoming worse, however. Botters are now using tactics in order to purposefully troll legitimate players outside of simply getting kills. Players have begun impersonating legitimate users to get them booted from the server in order to bring more bots in. Add to that a constant offshooter of SPAM and hateful comments in the voice and text chat, and players are more than fed up.

The problem has gone horribly wrong, thanks to well-known Team Fortress 2 YouTuber SquimJim on the platform. Viewers have reached out to media outlets and Valve itself to try and spread awareness, and with any luck, to see a certificate from Valve that the problem exists, and that the company is contemplating it. Unfortunately, at the time of this writing, Valve hasn''t made any official statements.

It''s been a popular FPS since its release, and after going free-to-play, it became many players'' first experience with the gaming genre. Despite its striking features, the game''s content has decreased, and developers may lose ground. However, Valve will take the game to an end, giving it and its fans the attention they deserve.

Team Fortress 2 is now available on PC.