Crossplay Guide for Evil Dead: The Game

Crossplay Guide for Evil Dead: The Game ...

While the single-player gameplay may provide a few hours of entertainment, it''s evident that Evil Dead: The Game was intended to be recognized as a multiplayer phenomenon. Nothing can bring a group of friends closer together than surviving the horrors of the multiplayer experience.

While the game itself had a good launch, some players are still wondering how they can play with their best pals on other consoles. The settings may be tricky to find, so follow along. In Evil Dead: The Game, everybody should be staving off death in just a few clicks.

Activating Crossplay

  • Settings > Game > Crossplay (Check)

From the start screen, go to settings. From there, select the menu named "Game." Crossplay should be at the very top line. If it''s unchecked, check it and this should be possible for crossplay. Make sure everyone who intends to play is aware of this option.

Many gamers have this enabled by default, but some console settings will have this disabled so it''s best to start here if there''s a flaw. Gamers were given a good amount of knowledge before its introduction, and crossplay is always a huge selling point.


If the game does not find players on other consoles, there are a few things to try. The first and most straightforward issue is that all participants players must complete the tutorial before being listed as eligible. Make sure everyone who is interested in gaming get this out of the way before doing any game modes.

Sometimes consoles themselves have crossplay limitations. It''s common for all three consoles to make a difference, but it''s worthwhile to read this post. The final step in ensuring internet gaming together across all platforms works as intended

The game Evil Dead: The Game was conceived on May 13th, 2022, and is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.