How To Beat The "If You Love Someone, Set Them Free... With A Chainsaw" Mission in Evil Dead The Game

How To Beat The "If You Love Someone, Set Them Free... With A Chainsaw" Mission in Evil Dead The Gam ...

The majority of multiplayer gamers are adept at being hardcore. In Evil Dead, the winning percentage for either side should be around 50%, with the game''s win rate increasing for both modes.

For people who don''t feel like losing over and over, here''s a strategy that should lead to an early victory on this first mission. There''s a hint of a trial and error for Evil Dead: The Game that exists, with players gradually putting together the correct methods to go through business.

How To Beat "If You Love Someone, Set Them Free...With A Chainsaw!"

Don''t head to the checkpoint right away. There are some matchsticks, extra ammo, and a Shemp''s Cola in the house. That shotgun only starts with two shells in it, and no back ammunition. In the event of firing a pistol later, pick up all ammunition.

Using a chainsaw instead of a shotgun is a good idea, if one of the trees will not impact the player''s ability to block the damage, thus making staying on the road a wise choice. These are the first few things to remember that ammo is limited and the chainsaw is excellent against these minions. Those who watched Bruce Campbell''s gameplay session will be familiar with this attack pattern.

These low-level enemies are not strong. Start with a light attack, hit the button prompt for the scripted melee attack, then finish them off with a heavy attack. This combo does not allow them to hit in.

Ash''s fear meter should be very high after finishing off the guards by the cave. It is vital that this issue be addressed. Luckily, the torch right at the front of the Bronson Cave gives enough light to empty out the meter. Hang out next to it before heading inside.

Given the choice between left and right, head left. There are also a single guard here with a few boxes of ammunition for the shotgun, which they will be used right now.

With a shotgun drawn, you can use all of those shots. The opponent in this room is a mini-boss that doesn''t stagger when hit by melee weapons. Ash can dodge twice, but this deadite will be able to shoot Ash before the stamina meter is filled back up. Keep the monster at range and shoot him down, saving melee strikes for the event that jumps in close.

This miniboss will appear a few more times on this map and should be dealt with this same way every time. It has the usual melee attacks and a running leap attack. If it does start to run, wait until it jumps into the air to dodge. An early dodge before this leap leads to being caught in the radius.

Another Shemp''s Cola is dropped by the monster. Go ahead and drink this one to recover from the fight, and the second one will be in play later.

Take the necklace as well as the improved shotgun next to it. Stand next to the torch on the way out to keep the fear meter nice and low.

This is the same level of security and threat pattern, so stay on the path and avoid shelling on low-level deadites. Upon arriving at the Circus Cages, stand next to a torch (there are many, any will do) to get rid of the fear meter once more.

Find another Shemp''s Cola and an amulet in the room with the objective. Use the amulet immediately as it acts as another layer of health. No reason to save it for later, that''s what the Shemp''s Colas are for. Head toward the third point, emptying the fear meter once more with a nearby torch before departing.

The main obstacle to this game is that it takes a short pit stop at the Demonic Treehouse. There is a room for the fear meter and some extra ammo. At this point, players should be about topped off, which is perfect for the next two fights.

Once Linda''s head is discovered, a fight will begin with six opponents. One of these opponents is a mini-boss (dressed in a white shirt and overalls) and behaves like the last one. Use the shotgun to take it down fast from range.

Utilize a Shemp''s Cola to recover from the fight, then head into Payne''s Manor, just a few steps south from where it happened.

There is yet another mini-boss that is keeping an eye on. Just as the previous two, shoot it down, use melee attacks on the rest, and head inside.

A fourth mini-boss guards the backdoor and will likely attack Ash as he uses the staircase, so be prepared for that. A prompt will say to search the manor for important items. Two main items to get before traveling: a legendary shotgun by the fireplace and a legendary chainsaw upstairs.

This is another long journey to return to the Knowby Cabin, but there is a very convenient light underneath a bridge halfway between. Reduce the fear meter here.

The minion deadites will now die with a light attack instead of a heavy attack for the third strike, so use this to execute the kills a bit faster. Before reaching the point, make sure you keep the Colas clean before returning, and prepare for a last confrontation with a full-fledged boss.

Another minion deadite will be spawned here and should be easily dispatched before the boss. The boss is all about melee attacks and will float quickly toward Ash. At the conclusion of these charges, Ash may be forced into a stun where it damage him or it may take a few swipes.

This is what the legendary weapons were given for. Shoot twice with the shells, dodge, and take a swipe with the chainsaw. After only two or three waves like this, it will fall. All you have to do is to make Linda''s head in the vice!

The game Evil Dead: The Game was first released on May 13th, 2022, and is now available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.