Rainbow Six Siege: Villa Maps

Rainbow Six Siege: Villa Maps ...

While most large houses have the Rainbow Six staple of varied layouts and destructible environments, it is not uncommon to set a Rainbow Six Siege map in a large house. However, of all Rainbow Six Siegemaps, it is the Villa that takes the cake for some of the best interior layouts of a Rainbow Six map there.

The Villa Maps looms on Operation Para Bellum, a property belonging to the Vinciguerra crime family. Having left the villa after getting caught the wind, vital documents remain in the property ready for the taking, and this is where the agents come in. What is the best course of action when considering the Villa?

Villa: Open Space Gives More Opportunities

Both the Attackers and the Defenders are exploring both the connected and open nature of Villa. Nevertheless, this implies that certain aspects should be considered when considering Villa''s use for play.

  • Basement Offers Room For Rotations: Dont underestimate the rather cramped spaces of the basement as this does offer a lot of room for rotations - not just for Defenders but also for Attackers. The right placement and activation of traps set by the Defenders is a good way for Attackers to try and circle back and gain the advantage against them.
  • Keep Enemies Afoot With The Threat Of Flanking: Players should consider capitalizing on the destructive nature of walls to keep enemies on their toes on this map. The cramped nature of rooms on both 1F and 2F will force enemies to become mobile lest they leave themselves vulnerable - and players should tap into this necessity to capitalize on surprise attacks.

For Quick Rotates, Use Stairs, Windows, and Basic Defense

When it comes to cementing their defensive approach, defense professionals can actually use the entire Villa''s structure to their advantage. For example, certain windows like the of 2F Study and 2F Master Bedroom can provide a good picture of common attack routes - such as 2F Statuary Room, 2F Study and 2F Aviator Room.

Defying 1F or the First Floor may be easier when utilizing quick-rotation routes, such as staircases, as well as hatches from 2F Study and 2F Classical Hall to quickly access 1F Toilet and 1F Art Studio, both of which are popular flanking spots for Defenders.

Consider open spaces and predictability in reinforcements.

While Villa is sufficiently large to allow for wild rotations from both Attackers and Defenders, it''s the latter that must be limited in space for their defenses. Some key considerations and areas of interest may include:

  • Capitalize On Windows: Consider looking into the 2F Study to access a wider view of 2F Master Bedroom and 2F Statuary Room - allowing Defenders to peek much more safely and defend the areas from afar. Likewise, the southern window of 2F Master Bedroom can help look into 2F Aviator Room and 2F Study.
  • Consider Typical Locations: Some Attackers tend to be predictable with attacking patterns simply because theyre convenient. When defending any 1F or First Floor objective, Attackers tend to push through 1F Toilet simply because its the easiest to access. With this in mind, try to surprise them via the hatch in 2F Classical Hall to jump the gun on enemies.

Reinforcements: Size Matters

The Villa has quite the large area inside and between them, making fortifying sites a bit problematic considering the depth of depth Defenders must consider when it comes to ensuring they can booby-trap their fortifications correctly.

  • 1F Living Room: Near the 1F Library is the 1F Living Room, which is quite a massive room with a lot of soft walls and entry points - especially with the 1F Library and 1F Gallery beside them. To avoid these discrepancies, it helps busting open the wall between 1F Living Room and 1F Gallery to avoid room for rotation and then securing 1F Mudroom and 1F Toilet to ensure Attackers cant enter from the ceiling. Additionally, putting traps near 2F Classical Hall and 1F Art Studio can ensure Attackers reveal themselves should they even try to get to the objective.
  • 1F Kitchen: Interconnected rooms 1F Kitchen and 1F Dining Room are also connected to some vital areas of the map, such as 1F Back Hallway and 1F Pantry, both of which can be common areas of attack. Thankfully, Defenders can guard the stair to the rear basement to flank enemies trying to use this as a mode of attack. Likewise, getting control of 1F Laundry gives additional fortification for 1F Dining Room.
  • 2F Aviator Room: Located beside the 2F Games Room, its sheer size and formidable natural defenses make this room quite a popular site for Defenders. Its important to defend the 2F Study and the exterior veranda connecting to it, as Attackers will most likely use this for their assault. Thankfully, Defenders can easily hold the room through fortifications, particularly in 2F Hunting Vault as this can get Defenders a good view into the quarters. If players watch 2F Main Stairs, they can avoid Attackers trying to get through 2F Study via 2F Classical Hall.
  • 2F Trophy Room: Beside the 2F Statuary Room, the 2F Trophy Room can get quite overwhelming due to the skylight separating these quarters - especially when Attackers can use this location to rappel down. However, players can tap into 2F Astronomy Room to extend the defense of these two rooms, which can force Attackers to use 2F Master Bedroom instead - and by then it''''s too late. Putting traps in these adjacent rooms can ensure Attackers are in for a rough time should they even try to get to 2F Trophy Room.

Use Common Knowledge for Attacks in Defender Operators

Players on the Defender side should not force themselves to have a difficult time picking defenses. Instead, they should utilize the already-accessible maps to make Defending sites a much easier task. These Operators can complete the job:

  • Frost: Thanks to the easy-access entry points and common attack angles in Villa, Frost can capitalize on a lot of Welcome Mats to jump on the opponent the first chance players get.
  • Kapkan: Another trapper like Frost, Kapkan can utilize various common Attacker areas and plant defensive traps to score kills against rushing and careless Attackers.
  • Mira: Thanks to the open areas of 2F, characters like Mira can actually deploy her Black Mirrors to keep watch on crucial sites without enemies spotting her. She can get the jump on them should her intel get right on track.

Basic Attack: Stealth, Soft Walls Are Key

Given the size of the Villa and its size as a large house, it assists Attackers to use the civilian-friendly structure to their advantage - use stealth. Although most spawn locations are safe from run-outs and peeks, Attackers must be wary when spawning in 1F Ruins, as defenders can peek from 2F Study.

Defenders may give the Defenders this, given the two soft-walled un-reinforceable wine barrels (F Mudroom, 1F Crypt) do provide players with better vantage points when it comes to a Basement strike. Another wall that Defenders cannot reinforce is the 1F Bicycle Storage, which gives access to the eastern stairs, allowing Attackers to get into the 1F Dining Room and the 1F Living Room.

Offense: Anticipate Spaces, Traps

Given the area and scope of Villa, it makes sense for the map to be a great environment to scatter both traps and secret passages, and the Attackers must take note of both as they wish to maximize their trips around this gigantic property.

  • Check Wine Barrels: There are Wine Barrels located outside the exterior portion of 1F Mudroom and 1F Crypt, providing easy passages to these rooms as Defenders cant exactly defend them. Try using them in games where sites arent particularly close to these locations for a surprise flanking.
  • Consider Traps: There are a lot of open spaces in Villa, making them quite open for unfortunate traps such as EDDs and Welcome Mats. To avoid these untimely knock-downs, Attackers should consider either disabling these traps through electronic detectors or simply choosing more unique angles of attack.

Offense: Speed, Precision Is Key

Contrary to other maps, the size of Villa encourages players to not only secure areas quickly, but ensure that they pursue the objective as quickly as possible. As such, Attackers must be non-stricken in their site acquisition, but also extremely capable of outmaneuvering potential flanks. Sub-classes for the Attackers to consider are:

  • Hard Breacher: The destructibility of walls in Villa makes it much easier for Hard Breachers to secure the site, especially from an aggressive point of view. Knowing exactly the approach they want to take can make a single destroyed hard-fortified wall a huge disadvantage for the defending side.
  • Soft Breacher: The lack of extremely destructible walls in Villa can motivate Soft Breachers to take the helm. Their generally more deployable and faster-breaching equipment makes the offense much faster - especially when accessing areas normally inaccessible to players.
  • Flankers: Regardless of whether they can reach enemies from afar by stalking them through the field, Attackers should have Flankers capable of roaming around and hiding while outmaneuvering the roaming Defenders. The large size of Villa means these Flankers can use traps and other ways to detect, smoke out, and eliminate Defenders.

Attacker Operators: Exploit Tracking, Angles

Given the sheer size of Villa, it makes sense for some Attackers to be overwhelmed by the vast scope of its accessible areas. However, it is perfectly possible for Attacking teams to avoid a relatively large area and use it to their advantage with the correct operators:

  • Buck: Given the multitude of softer destroyables in the area, the Soft Breacher specialization in Buck can become very important when it comes to accessing 1F Wine Barrel Tunnels and even the ceiling of the entire 1st Floor.
  • Maverick: Theres a large chance of Defenders utilizing hard cover in objective sites as a means of protection, and Mavericks capabilities of capturing lethal angles can transform sites such as B Art Storage and 2F Hunting Vault useless for Defenders.
  • Fuse: Due to the multitude of windows and soft ceilings in the area, Fuse has quite a lot of vulnerable access points he can exploit to maximize the overall damage he can cause in the area.
  • Jackal: Considering the map size of Villa in the game, Jackal can use his kit to track roamers among the Defenders and eliminate them before they manage to successfully pinpoint the Attackers positions.

Rainbow Six Siege was first announced in 2015 and is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Series S, and Microsoft Windows.