Cover Art for Indie Game Top 5

Cover Art for Indie Game Top 5 ...

Cover art is extremely important to catch the eye of players. Some franchises stick with what they know, such as Animal Crossing, Halo, and Call of Duty, but have fairly uniform graphics for each game. When it comes to certain smaller titles, a lot have the same notion of what to display on the front screen. Indie games have always been varied in its art style and what to show as their first impression.

Indie games have infused the gaming industry with fascinating stories, creative art styles, and fantastic mechanics, ranging from point-and-click, RPGs, adventures, and mainly farming simulators. There are also several indie games with amazing cover art that delights enthusiasts, but what are the top ones?

5 Firewatch

Players are sitting in a tower to watch out for any smoke that might be a potential fire, according to Campo Santo. Since it is an adventure, players end up finding something strange and will leave the tower and explore the wilderness, where choices are made.

Firewatch is a well-known indie game that has a twist at the end that attracts some players in or out of the game. Regardless of what the game''s content has to offer, the cover art is a unique and stunning representation of what the game is like inside. From the beautiful orange and red hue, showcasing Henry, the main character, and surveying the land, it is no surprise that diving into the game is just as fun as the cover.

4 Ori And The Blind Forest

Who loves fluffy, soft creatures? Who doesn''t like playing as one? Moon Studios has a platform-adventure game that was first published in 2015, and it is being destroyed by a devastating storm, and players must control this adorable creature to discover how to save his house, which may result in a dark and dangerous nemesis.

The cover of Ori and the Blind Forest reveals a fascinating adventure story, but it is also beautifully hand-painted. What''s in store for players who want to dive into this amazing story to help the poor orphan save it''s home is correct.

3 Rain World

This survival platform game was developed by Adult Swim Games and was released in 2018, but it has provided a fantastic art approach for the indie game. However, it is not that easy. There are several foes who might find the slugcat as a meal. By sneaking through areas, players not only pass by enemies, but then snatch up their dinner.

Rain World is a fascinating adventure that draws on 16-bit classic games. Its unique appearances are similar to the cover, with different colors, depending on the area. From dark rooms with a red accent of trees to light orange and yellow backgrounds with beautiful purple decorations. The game is amazing with the color pairings and amazing animations.

2 Hollow Knight

This action-adventure game, developed by Team Cherry, is a remarkable piece of work. Play as a talented Knight character that must explore the depths of a forgotten kingdom. Unravel mysteries and defeat the evils that traverse beneath the land.

Hollow Knight''s story has a wonderful character, but it''s their art style is impeccable. The animation and the colors are stunning, creating a beautiful piece of artwork with every situation. It''s important for anyone who loves adventure and action to marvel at these tiny creatures and beautiful colors.

1 Night In The Woods

This adventure game, which was developed by Infinite Fall in 2017, is as creepy as it is beautiful. Players will control Mae, a college dropout returning home to Possum Springs, a mining town. Upon arrival, players will begin to learn about Mae''s background and her relationship with the townspeople. However, the main character is a mystery that players will have to unravel. The town itself has a terrible secret.

The vibrant colors and the artwork are fantastic, but the characters are stunning, with smooth animations that make players want to stand in one area for a few minutes to take it all in. The cover art is enthralling the beautiful artwork.