What The RPG Needs To Do Better Than World Seeker Is One Piece Odyssey

What The RPG Needs To Do Better Than World Seeker Is One Piece Odyssey ...

One Piece Odyssey will be the next game based on Eiichiro Oda''s beloved manga and Toei''s anime adaptation. The upcoming release is set to be a RPG, a genre the franchise has rarely dappled in beyond handheld projects. At the moment, little about One Piece Odyssey has been revealed, although Bandai Namco has confirmed that the story is by Oda, and the game will leave the Straw Hats on an original island.

The trailer for the World Seeker remake, which is expected to be a sequel to 2019''s World Seeker, the franchise''s most recent action-adventure game, which included a new island, story, and characters. It was also open-world, which appears to be similar to Odyssey.

When it comes to games, One Piece has an unsatisfactory track record, particularly when the series attempts to escape from the Musou-style gameplay. World Seeker received an exceedingly high reception. While by no means awful, the game had over many shortcomings to be worth recommending to anyone other than the most dying-hard One Piece fans. Here are some questions One Piece Odyssey should focus on.

Multiple Fleshed Out Playable Characters

One Piece: World Seeker was largely difficult given the fact that only Luffy was playable. Now, considering that traversal was heavily tied to the Straw Hat Captain''s Gomu Gomu no Mi''s fruit, this creative decision made some sense; however, this significantly reduced the game''s replayability and potential.

One Piece is a shonen anime tradition that is lost when a game restricts its combat to a single figure. This was arguably World Seeker''s weakest component, and Odyssey has already confirmed that Zoro, Nami, Nami, Usopp, Chopper, Sanji, Robin, Brook, and Frankie will be playable. But, now, hopefully, they are all properly fleshed out and not treated like bit-part players by the combat system.

Keep The Straw Hats Together

The fact that most of the Straw Hats are playable in One Piece Odyssey is a big deal, however, each of these characters should also feel important outside of combat. The game''s trailer focuses almost exclusively on Luffy, and Bandai Namco''s description suggests that the adventure will likely start with the Captain having to go out in search of his rest of his crew. Hopefully, it will not take too long to reconcile the gang.

World Seeker reduces the Straw Hats to small characters who stand around doing nothing while being far away from the action. One Piece is at its best when these characters are presented as a unit, allowing their personalities to bounce off each other. Odyssey would do well to keep the Straw Hats together as much as possible.

Less Shallow Combat

One Piece: World Seeker''s combat isn''t half-bad; Luffy''s attacks are well-animated and hits have a decent sense of power. However, World Seeker''s combat is too static to build a campaign lasting over 10 hours; by the end, the system''s repetitive nature really begins to harm the game''s entertainment value.

The game should be constantly improving new abilities, or the battle should gradually introduce new mechanics in the first and fifteenth hours of the campaign.

More Rewarding Battles

Although not particularly long, One Piece: World Seeker feels longer than it is, because the game is frugal when it comes to giving out experience points. Casual battles barely reward anything, which makes them quickly feel like a wasted of time and effort.

The Straw Hats, one of One Piece Odyssey''s main playable characters, are already known to be extremely powerful. It wouldn''t make sense for Luffy to be able to damage this RPG''s equivalent of a Slime. Assuming that the story does not neuter the heroes so that players may keep them back up, Odyssey will need to find a way to make combat enjoyable.

More Consistent Voice Acting

The most powerful cutscenes in One Piece: World Seeker are voiced, but the vast majority of the game consists of simple dialogue boxes. Evidently, voicing every line of dialogue is costly and, ultimately, less important than most other components of an RPG.

It''s common for One Piece''s characters to have so many personalities that they lose a lot when they''re stripped of their voices. However, non-voiced characters are found to be inconsequential, considering they were too costly to justify this addition.

Less Repetitive Side Quests

The side quests will most certainly be available on one piece Odyssey, since it is a RPG. Bandai Namco has even specified that the game will have dungeons, although it remains to be seen whether these are limited to the main missions or there will be additional areas attached to the optional content. These quests would, for instance, benefit the Straw Hats from revealing that the island''s heritage is true.

One Piece: World Seeker has quite a few side quests, but most are bland and by-the-numbers. There are a few exceptions, mostly quests based on the Straw Hats and other characters from the manga, but they are few and far between. Odyssey needs to do better.

An Island Worthy Of The Grand Line

On Jail Island, a One Piece: World Seeker depicts a few towns, points of interest, and three prisons. As the excitement of contemplating exploring a new One Piece setting sounds, Jail Island feels like it was completely eliminated from a filler arc. With only a few spots, most of the island includes greenery and repetitive buildings. There is very little difference about Jail Island.

The finest arcs from One Piece envision imaginative islands that have their own rules, cultures, and aesthetics. Worlds such as Dressrosa, Alabasta, Totto Land, Wano Country, and Zou are among those that demand to be explored because there is nothing else on the Grand Line. Odyssey might benefit from being a bit more creative than World Seeker.

One Piece Odyssey is in development for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox Series X/S.