Phase Four of The Dragonsong's Reprise Ultimate Raid: How To Beat Final Fantasy 14

Phase Four of The Dragonsong's Reprise Ultimate Raid: How To Beat Final Fantasy 14 ...

Phase four of Final Fantasy 14''s Dragonsong Reprise Ultimate Raid is also known as the "Eye Phase." Players will need to recover quickly from Phase three, which was against Nidhogg possessing Estinien. This phase is somewhat straightforward, and some even call it more of an "intermission" than a phase. However, it can quickly wipe an unprepared party.

For this phase, the FFXIV raid group will want to organize a lot, as it requires soaking orbs that deal damage, switching tethers, and mitigation against some raid-wide attacks. There will be two targetable eyes to attack, and the raid will split into two groups for the most of this phase. At this time, players are beyond the halfway point.

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Tethers And Orbs

Firstly, Estinein will spawn in the middle of the arena, and Nidhogg''s two eyes will appear on his left and right: one blue and one red. Chaque tank, along with a light party, must be divided up and fight each eye before being split up. This buff is required in order to deal damage to the eyes.

The Nidhogg influence gauge is used for this moment. Players must ensure this does not fill up to the highest level, otherwise, it''s a raid wipe.

The blue tether should be on tanks and melee DPS, thus everyone will be tethered to either a blue or a red tether. In the event that players are using the wrong tethers, they may swap them in the middle of the arena.

Six orbs will be spawning around the arena, with two will be yellow and four will be blue. This is because if the blue tethers do, it will calm the blue eye. These orbs will need to be soaked first and cleaned in pairs. If the yellow orbs are soaked by a solo player, they will die.

Tether Swaps And Meteordives

The yellow orbs are soaked in pairs by the red tethered players. This means they may be able to switch tethers with the blue team. This is done by the teams running towards the middle. Once the tethers have been switched, the newly red tethered team may individually soak the blue orbs.

Two red tethered players will be able to stand around inter-cardinals around the blue eye for damage. This is because the player will die once if they dive on twice. The players will need to select who moves out to tether swap with each of the four pairs.

The eyes should have low health bars. They''ll start to cast a raid-wide attack called Steep in Rage. Players will not want to get hit by two of these attacks. They should melt down the blue eye to zero health so that the raid is only hit by one raid-wide by the red eye. Phase four will take place, and players may begin to prepare for the fifth phase.

Final Fantasy 14 is now available on PC, PS4, and PC5.