New Game+ might benefit the Pokemon Games for the whole time

New Game+ might benefit the Pokemon Games for the whole time ...

The Pokemon series has provided a unique alternative approach to the JRPG genre, which has given players plenty of confidence as they enter different areas with their Pokemon. However, some spinoffs like Pokemon Colosseum and Pokemon Legends have significantly changed this formula, although it remains true in the games, even if more recent titles have provided alternative gyms.

Pokemon remains a worldwide smash hit, with games often selling millions of copies. That being said, Pokemon fans want Game Freak to continue testing in some areas, such as the series'' seemingly low difficulty up until the Elite Four, and the post-game content in the comments being underwhelming. However, the future game is slowly making progress and shifting its design elements, but there is still a lot to do to make it instantly more attractive.

New Game+ is Great for Extending Playtime

Although the Grade system is especially useful in RPGs and other games, it allows the player to take some of their progress back to the beginning of the game. These bonuses include levels or gear, and may even include characters or other things that don''t make narrative sense to be present for the game.

Although New Game+ is a challenging feature to have, it can also be useful as an alternative to the NieR games or with endgame stats. Other players will also benefit from the addition of new game+ features, including the ability to keep everything they had in the game. Additionally, the Dark Souls games also have a unique feature that allows the player to keep their enemies healthy and do damage with each run.

What Pokemon Might Have to Change to Be Adapted to a New Game+

Given the fact that the feature has expanded throughout the JRPGs, it appears odd that Pokemon has yet to adopt it. There are a few reasons for this, as the main themes of the series may need to be altered, including that when the story opens up, it would be critical to remove the often repeatable content. NG+ would also raise the possibility of being limited to the initial choice or online trading, so Game Freak would need to look carefully before permitting such a sacred element to be altered.

This type of change would require that a new Game+ would ideally assist players in bringing their Pokemon up to level 100, but this would require increased levels of the entire game. However, having a new Game+ set up its level curve so that endgame wild Pokemon and trainers would be nearing level 100 would be beneficial for the players, thus creating a more active team.

Pokemon Trainers might benefit from a new game+.

A smoother climb to level 100 and a second starter still sounds like good incentives for certain types of players tackling New Game+. However, if Game Freak permits trainers to select a second starter on their second playthrough, then it makes sense that any mutually exclusive Fossil Pokemon or NPC trades would also offer their alternate rewards. This should ensure that online multiplayer can only take a few such creatures to incentivize a Pokemon collector to take the plunge. It''s unlikely that a Pokemon New

The same applies to enemy trainers, however. Pokemon is in need of a harder challenge, and New Game+ is the perfect spot to go. Enemy trainers would not only have higher-level Pokemon, but also use competitive tactics and held items more often. It would be fun to see a mainline Pokemon title take after a fangame and make impossible boss teams out of legendary Pokemon. This is what Game Freak will hopefully learn in the future.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are set to be released in December 2022 for Nintendo Switch.