The Saints Row should include some of its most powerful weapons

The Saints Row should include some of its most powerful weapons ...

Although the Saints Row franchise began life as a non-linear approach to Grand Theft Auto, encroaching on much of the same general design principles and tone, and gradually increasing some narrative changes and tweaks, the tone quickly evolved. Despite the fact that Saints Row 2 had established its own identity, the tone had completely changed, revealing some more quirky elements. Unlike the GTA series, the character had a lot of fun, including some more cartoons and puppets.

Along with dialogue, characters, and mini-games, Saints Row''s weapons were a lot wackier. Guns that spelted out Dubstep rays, RPGs that spelled out mind-controlling octopi, and huge oversized hands capable of killing enemies in one hit were all just a few of Saints Row''s wildest weapons. Although the new Saints Row game appears to be sticking to a somewhat more grounded tone, key word is, however,

Why Should Saints Row Restore Their Most Hilarious Weapons?

The release of more zany weapons in the next Saints Row games has prompted the players to embrace the game. When players can wield a gigantic purple "Penetrator" from the start, they know they''re in a for a wild, tongue-in-cheek ride, filled with crude humor. Having these more unique weapons appear over the course of the game constantly reminds them of the light-hearted tone the game is going for.

This new Saints Row game is also a good addition to the franchise''s many popular open-world crime games. However, some are concerned that it may lose some of the elements that made it distinct in the first place. By bringing back some wacky weapons and introducing a few new ones, the new Saints Row can immediately capture some of the benefits it provided.

Using these types of weapons allows the developers to broaden their creative muscles. Creating levels, vehicles, NPCs, branching narratives, and dialogue can successively be a tedious task for some developers, so having the opportunity to go wild and create whatever weapon they can imagine is probably a freeing experience. Besides, that level of fun and creativity often bleeds into the player-experience.

Weapons Saints Row Should Bring Back

Saints Row has had a few wacky weapons over the years, and some of the best should make a reappearance in the coming reboot. Penetrator and Dubstep Gun should certainly make a reappearance, right alongside the Mollusk Launcher, which fires mind-controlling sea life at the enemy.

The Abduction Gun is a collection of lesser-known sci-fi themed, bombastic rifles, which when shot, propels a crowd of enemies into the air, never to return again. The Black Hole Launcher is a completely different machine capable of firing mini black holes that consume all in its effect.

The RC Possessor, which is capable of possessing any NPC-controlled vehicle in the game once completely upgraded, is on the other end. Though it doesn''t look too wacky, and its capability isn''t all that crazy, it''s still one of the series'' most unique weapons. It is the perfect example of a weapon that can fit in a more ground while still giving the same value and joy as its wackier counterparts.

Saints Row will be released for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S on August 23, 2022.