How To Get Star Wars: The Force Unleashed - How To Pull Down The Star Destroyer

How To Get Star Wars: The Force Unleashed - How To Pull Down The Star Destroyer ...

Starkiller''s quest to destroy enemies of the Empire takes him to a number of locations from the movies and expanding universe. Starkiller''s quest to rescue a surviving Jedi and discovers the origins of the Rebel Alliance as it is seen in the first Star Wars film, A New Hope.

The enormous "Starkiller" in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is the character who performs a number of incredible feats with the Force. One of his most remarkable is the ability to defeat an Imperial Star Destroyer using the Force. Here''s how you can do this while playing the game.

Facing the Empire

The Star Destroyer is discovered at the end of the "Imperial Raxus Prime" level (Starkiller''s second visit to Raxus Prime). After defeating some Storm Troopers and powering up a rail cannon by electrifying all four nodes on the platform, Starkiller will come face to face with an oncoming Star Destroyer and several Tie Fighter Squadrons.

Players should first eliminate all of the incoming Tie Fighters with Force Grip and Force Lightning. Only with them out of the way can Starkiller attempt to destroy the Star Destroyer. Tie Fighters move quickly, but they should be easy enough to hit with lightning. With the Tie Fighters out of the way, the Force Grip can be used to grab the Star Destroyer.

Pulling Down The Star Destroyer

Match the analog stick directions on screen to move the Star Destroyer into position, and then hold both sticks down once they have been applied to begin bringing them down. Fresh waves of Tie Fighters arrive after a set period of time, so players should take cover if their health gets too low and then eliminate the fighters before continuing the attempt (Lightsaber Throw is also beneficial for eliminating Tie Fighters).

A cutscene will play after holding both sticks down for a while, and the Star Destroyer will fall into the ground, cementing Starkiller''s status as a tremendously powerful wielder of the Star Wars Legends Canon.

For PS3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 2, and Nintendo Switch, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is available.