The Star Wars Film by Kevin Feige Could Be A Completely New And Separate Story

The Star Wars Film by Kevin Feige Could Be A Completely New And Separate Story ...

Most mainstream Star Wars stories, whether they be in movies or shows, tend to be drawn towards the familiar. However, while there are new characters in play, the stories being told around them are often reinterpreted as old ones. However, many times they favour new ones in favor of established ones who have already enjoyed the spotlight for years. What if that were to change?

Kevin Feige, the legendary director of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, is set to develop his own Star Wars film at some point in the future, which will feature a screenplay from Loki, according to the fact that the company''s experiences over the past decade and a half have largely appealed to everyone in some ways. However, experts believe that the aforementioned Loki screenwriter is inclined to have another good reason to become more afloat.

When asked about the Star Wars movie, Waldron let slip a few choice words that suggest a much more logical twist on it. "It''s coming along, and it''s nice to have some time to concentrate on it," Waldron said. "It''s fun to get to do something fresh and original, and I''m excited to work with Kevin again, and with Lucasfilm. So, it''s a blast." This may be the case.

In a spoiler-filled interview with Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Waldron discussed the topic fairly. "I''m enjoying being able to do something that''s not necessarily a sequel or something." The fact that the movie may have a bit less of a success, unlike in Doctor Strange. It''s nice. It''s like a different process."

Although Feige and Waldron''s story isn''t completely confirmed, it might be a great opportunity given who is involved. Feige is particularly adept at maximizing mainstream appeal. This new film, while also gaining worldwide approval, might well open the door to even more original stories and characters going forward.

Maybe too optimistically, that situation might result in Johnson''s stalled Star Wars trilogy becoming more interested and returning to the schedule. That''s not to mention another upcoming Star Wars film from Taika Waititi, who is almost guaranteed to do some unexpected things with the material. However, it turns out, the franchise''s future has a lot of promise.

The Star Wars saga is now available on Disney Plus.