Blaidd and Ranni are united in Elden Ring's fan art

Blaidd and Ranni are united in Elden Ring's fan art ...

Elden Ring is home to a slew of notable characters, whether it be players'' bosses or NPCs, which are now encased in the world''s memories. Elden Ring gives players a lot to love when it comes to characters, with many of them already having been established in gaming history in the short time since the game''s release.

Ranni and Blaidd are two of those Elden Ring characters. She was born an empyrean and she has her own questline in Elden Ring for players to follow. Blaidd is a half-wolf warrior who serves under Ranni as her loyal shadow. Blaidd is a great monster and a wolf that can be obtained.

One gamer created a piece of art depicting Ranni and Blaidd. An artist throng painted the duo under a luminous moon. Ranni features her distinctive blue glow beneath her hat, while Blaidd shoulders the vast great sword he uses in the game. It is also bittersweet to see them together this way when it comes to the fate that Blaidd will eventually encounter in Elden Ring.

The artwork by hage drew has been viewed positively. Many fans claim that the artwork is remarkable, as Ranni and Blaidd do show some similarities to Guts and Schierke. A fan claims that the artwork is beautiful, and that he wishes the ending of his relationship was okay. The artwork gives viewers a good chance to see the two together under a stunning moon. It also gives them a peek at the relationship as it turns out to be tragic.

Dino and hage combined an impressive piece of the two, although the image is mostly monochromatic. Both depict a sense of emotion in Blaidd as well as a slight redness on Blaidd''s face. Dino and hage both created dramatic pieces that showcase two of the more popular characters in the RPG.

Elden Ring is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.