Aloy from the Horizon Forbidden West has a lot in common with God of War 3's Pandora

Aloy from the Horizon Forbidden West has a lot in common with God of War 3's Pandora ...

In Horizon Zero Dawn and Horizon Forbidden West, the Guerrilla Games Horizon series has always had strong connections to Greek mythology. This is because when you look at GAIA''s subfunctions, which are all named after Greek gods. There are even a few instances of Egyptian mythology slipped into Horizon, which shows how diverse it is.

SPOILERS AHEAD FOR HORIZON FORBIDDEN WEST AND GOD OF WAR 3This also demonstrates how much inspiration Horizon took from other Horizons, and although it may not have been perfect intended, inspired, or anything like that, there are a few notable similarities between Horizons Aloy and Pandora. Despite these differences, it should be noted that the specific context of each game changes the outcome (or in Aloys case, the outcome thus far).

Horizons Aloy vs. God of War 3s Pandora

The two women who are born in an unnatural harmony, while they both function like keys. Fans know Aloy is a clone of Elisabet Sobeck, claiming that she has no father or mother. She was instead created by GAIA; meanwhile, her DNA is able to open many doors that others cannot, thanks to his connections with Elisabet. Pandora, on the other hand, is also a key to Pandoras Box, almost literally.

Both play a very similar role in the worldbuilding of their perspective games. Pandora, and specifically the Pandora''s Box, was designed to contain all the evil of the Titanomachy. Yet, Pandora accidentally open the box, and all this evil brings suffering unto mankind. Pandora''s story in God of War 3 revolves around getting Zeus the box, with which she plays a major role in Krato''s discovery of hopes power.

As seen in Horizon Zero Dawn and Horizon Forbidden West, Elisabet (who once again Aloy is a clone of) was responsible for the Zero Dawn system. Like Pandoras boxis, this was the reason and solution to this problem.

In a Horizon threequel, Aloy and Rost have a quite similar father. Kratos ends up leading Pandora through much of God of War 3 (and vice versa). Both had a family and had asked for their own revenge, but both had no significant difference on their face, and Rost (in vengeance) killed 12 menthe number of Greek Gods. Both of these men would be beneficial to the world for the better. However, these comparisons might not go far enough.

Horizon Forbidden West is now available on PS4 and PS5.