HBO Max's Best Sci-Fi Series (May 2022)

HBO Max's Best Sci-Fi Series (May 2022) ...

When it comes to HBO Max, it has really become a reliable and entertaining streaming service. Featuring an array of fantastic films, engaging series, and some solid original programming, fans often receive what they pay for. There are a lot of genres that should appeal to almost anyone looking for something that doesn''t work.

This is especially true in the Sci-Fi genre, as HBO Max has a host of fantastic shows to choose from. From kids shows to space epics, the streaming service has given viewers access to some of the finest Science Fiction series available online. Here''s a look at some of the better shows that can be seen on HBO Max.

12 Station Eleven

HBO Max Link Station Eleven
Number of Episodes 10

It''s a post-apocalyptic adventure with a twist, transforming from traditional "survivors versus the new world" into something more personal and engrossing.

The plot takes place in a world devastated by a flu epidemic, causing a post-apocalyptic situation in which traveling performers are able to make things more intense. The leader seems to have links to a particular person in the group. This is a fun mini-series that should keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

11 Fringe

HBO Max Link Fringe
Number of Episodes 100

Fringe stumbled out of the gate, but eventually gained ground during season 2, reimagining strange phenomena that cannot be explained through normal hypotheses at any time. In the near future, Fringe grew into an ambitious Sci-Fi epic that prioritized serial storytelling and character development, with nearly all of its main players drastically changing as the program progressed.

Fringe is an addictive program that brings viewers into numerous areas with intrigue, danger, and discovery. All five seasons are available on HBO Max, and the series makes every moment count.

10 Person Of Interest

HBO Max Link Person of Interest
Number of Episodes 103

What if crimes might be avoided before they are executed? Sci-Fi has been intrigued for years, by this notion, giving way to a host of fantastic books such as Psycho-Pass and Minority Report. One person of interest merits to be mentioned alongside those greats.

Finch, a billionaire, has created a machine that gives out a number related to a future crime. Together, they investigate these cases to establish whether an intervention is necessary. Person of Interest is smart, accessible, and engaging. A cast of directors is also spot on, featuring Jim Caviezel, Michael Emerson, Kevin Chapman, Taraji P. Henson, and Amy Acker.

9 Made For Love

HBO Max Link Made For Love
Number of Episodes 16

Made for Love is a dark comedy about obsession, control, and manipulation. When her powerful husband, Byron, decides to use his invention to really connect with each other, Hazel makes a run for it and escapes from their virtual reality cube. Unfortunately, Byron is always watching.

Made For Love explores several well-known science fiction topics, such as privacy concerns and the devastation of technology. These topics are handled wonderfully by the series, although they are not particularly unique, as well. Especially Cristin Milioti as Hazel

8 The Venture Bros

HBO Max Link The Venture Bros
Number of Episodes 81

This Adult Swim cartoon quickly blossoms into something wonderfully unique. With its distinctive features of a wide range of animated staples, especially the superhero and spy genres, The Venture Bros offers a range of opportunities to experiment with comedy, action, and character growth in order to create a permanent reality. In this series, henchmen can become heroes, and these advancements are nearly always earned.

The Venture Bros has delivered unforgettable adventures, heartbreaking moments, a bit of gore, and a handy David Bowie reference over the course of seven seasons. Although the first few episodes of the series may seem underwhelming, it never disappoints.

7 Westworld

HBO Max Link Westworld
Number of Episodes 28

It''s difficult to imagine a western with big Sci-Fi elements (unless you count Wild Wild West) but it''s because Westworld isn''t a traditional western by any means. The story follows the concept of a theme park, with high-tech android "hosts," which look and act as human as possible.

Their unique premise is that they are incapable of harming people, giving high-paying patrons a chance to live their wild west fantasies without fear of reprisal. This has since been expanded into a much more powerful narrative.

6 Raised By Wolves

HBO Max Link Raised By Wolves
Number of Episodes 18

Raised By Wolves is a well-known production by Ridley Scott, who focuses on several key issues, including religious freedom, raising children, and social influence. The end product takes place on a distant planet, Kepler-22b, after Earth is completely underwhelmed by conflicting beliefs. This new planet sees Mother and Father, two androids, attempting to raise a group of children and avoid making mistakes.

It''s beautifully shot, imaginative, and feature some fantastic acting from the whole cast.

5 Avenue 5

HBO Max Link Avenue 5
Number of Episodes 9

Sci-Fi does not have to be a whole lot of seriousness, danger, and thrilling adventure. Despite being not as dominant in the main Sci-Fi genre as many other sub-genres, comedy can be an incredible tool that carries science fiction themes to great heights while simultaneously offering good laughs. Avenue 5 is a great example of this, bringing in some fantastic intellectual humor and fantastic acting by Hugh Laurie and Josh Gad.

The series follows the two actors as lead on an interplanetary cruise ship, which is a concept that works well as serves as a base for some truly imaginative (and funny) scenarios.

4 Peacemaker

HBO Max Link Peacemaker
Number of Episodes 8

Peacemaker, as a way to dismiss superhero shows as their own things, has a Sci-Fi advantage to it, although it appears to be inspired by the B-movies of the year, rather than cerebral properties. To be clear, this is not a criticism. James Gunn''s series is simply entertaining and brilliantly written, successfully redeeming a funny but murderous villain without destroying the elements that make Peacemaker so unique to begin with.

The muscular man unenthusiastically joins A.R.G.U.S'' Project Butterfly, a project involving discovery and elimination of parasites that have taken over human bodies. Despite its scope, the mission is quite simple, but it also produces a lot of laughs, great action, and tears along the way.

3 Infinity Train

HBO Max Link Infinity Train
Number of Episodes 40

Infinity Train is a fun and engaging fun series that offers a lot of fun to children. Although HBO has gained a reputation over the years as a channel for grown-up entertaining and adult themes, the streaming service also provides quite a bit of content for children. Infinity Train is a fun adventure that combines themes like Adventure Time and Gravity Falls.

It''s lovelyly animated, engaging, and has an interesting narrative that both children and adults will enjoy. Infinity Train is one of the reasons to subscribe to the streaming service, as it is certainly among the best science-fiction shows on HBO Max.

2 Rick And Morty

HBO Max Link Rick and Morty
Number of Episodes 51

Another animated show, but this one is certainly not for kids. Rick and Morty is the brainchild of Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon, who is easily one of the most polarizing television series to hit the small screen in the last decade. It''s crude, incredibly imaginative, and downright hilarious. It''s no-holds-barred approach to Comedy, however, features some heavy Sci-Fi elements, which should appeal to those looking for something similar.

This doesn''t mean it''s all wacky Comedy. Rick and Morty still holds some extremely powerful themes and there''s so much room to unpack in each episode. Conversely, if someone is only looking for a laugh, then the show more than delivers on the one hand.

1 Doctor Who

HBO Max Link Doctor Who
Number of Episodes 166

There are a lot of fantastic original programming on HBO Max, but there are also a lot of established series that are waiting for new listeners to dive into their many, many episodes. Doctor Who, a sci-fi animated series that has enthused fans for decades, has aired almost 869 episodes (some of which are missing) and there are a slew of seasons for new-and-returning fans to enter.

Doctor Who has entered the test of time as one of the most popular sci-fi series out there, with a rich world that has allowed filmmakers to create an array of episodes that encompass many genres, from action to comedy, to horror and everything in between.