The Top 10 Scariest Nintendo Villains

The Top 10 Scariest Nintendo Villains ...

Nintendo has always had a fantastic family-friendly image among the leading video game companies. The Super Mario Bros., Kirby, and Donkey Kong are the most popular games available for children and adults, and the company has built its brand and reputation on this foundation.

The fact that the company''s titles are often harmful to children does not mean that there aren''t some scary things in Nintendo games. Some of these releases feature frightening villains that would creep out even fully grown adults. Here are the most common Nintendo villains that have been created in the games.

10 King Boo (Luigi''''s Mansion)

King Boo is the main antagonist of the Luigi''s Mansion games, and true to the horror-game nature of the series, is quite frightening compared to many of the plumbers'' usual antagonists. He is a cruel and cunning individual who only wishes to see Mario and Luigi suffer for his own pleasure.

King Boo is significantly larger than the usual Boo, having the ability to compose copies of himself and trap people in paintings. While King Boo is barefoot against his adversaries, he does do well for his fellow Boos.

9 Giratina (Pokemon)

Legendary Pokemon is a relatively traditional Pokemon boss, but none of them are as savage as Giratina is. Giratina, a dual-type Ghost/Dragon Pokemon, was previously the ultimate boss of Pokemon Platinum, and it is one of the most powerful creatures in the game.

In Pokemon Arceus, Giratina is feared for its immense power and violent nature. Both games, however, Giratina is a Pokemon, which can be viewed by the player, making it a powerful friend.

8 Hades (Kid Icarus)

The God of the Underworld is one of the main antagonists in the Kid Icarus series, which is a constant thorn on Pit and Palutena''s side. He is a powerful being with the ability to instill the dead''s thoughts whenever he wishes, and he is a master of both martial and magical arts.

Hades presents a somewhat joking and ludicrous demeanor. Rather, it is a facade that conceals his cold, unfeeling real personality. He cares only for himself and is a permanent threat to the world.

7 Julius (Fire Emblem: Genealogy Of The Holy War)

Julius was one day possessed by the evil dragon Loptous, transforming him into a cruel and merciful ruler, who tyrannically conquered the empire with an iron fist and commiting violence like the child hunts.

Julius'' character is only magnified by the tome of Loptous, which protects him against nearly all weapons and attacks in the game. With the may of the Dark God''s cult and the Grannvale Empire behind him, Julius is one of Fire Emblem''s most dangerous villains.

6 Void Termina (Kirby Star Allies)

Void, a Jambastian god, was expected to lead its believers to paradise. However, in his quest to reincarnate the god, Hyness became warped and consumed by revenge. Instead, Hyness used a Jamba Heart that was intensely powerful to revive Void, and turned it into Void Termina.

Void Termina, the ultimate boss of Kirby Star Allies, is an intimidating beast-like figure with the ability to shapeshift his body into various shapes and weapons. While it is at its core unjust, the negative energy used to create it causes it to fall down.

5 SA-X (Metroid Fusion)

Samus Aran is one of the most famous bounty hunters in the world, and only a few are her match in battle. However, she once lost her life to an X Parasite, a horrific organism with the potential to transform into those it absorbs.

While the X-Parasite is frightening on its own, the SA-X is even more depressing. At her most powerful speed, the SA-X terrorized the weak Samus at every turn, forcing the famous bounty hunter to hide until the danger passed.

4 Dragon (Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade)

Players are mostly fighting other human soldiers throughout The Blazing Blade. There are no beasts or creatures to combat, and even the emotional morphs are merely copies of other humans.

It''s clear that the appearance of the fire dragon as the final boss of The Blazing Blade is so powerful. Its burning breath ignores defense, and its hard scales make it so that only the most powerful weapons will fight it. It is easily one of the most terrifying bosses in the Fire Emblem series based on its effects alone.

Calamity Ganon (The Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild)

Ganondorf is well known for his ability to be a constant presence as the main villain in most Zelda games. In terms of reputation, Ganondorf is just as famous as Link and Zelda, and his role in the series is equally important.

Calamity Ganon is quite the most dangerous version of Ganon in the Zelda series, although Ganondorf usually exists as a human being in most Zelda games. In Breath of the Wild Ganon is a force of nature that cannot be hampered with normal weaponry. Great mobile fortresses called Divine Beasts and mechanical weapons called Guardians were all needed to safeguard this enormous threat.

2 Mother Brain (Super Metroid)

Due to the fact that the leader of the Space Pirates has a huge spiked brain residing within a glass jar, Mother Brain is the mastermind behind the many acts of the Space Pirates, and her cunning is incredible.

Mother Brain has a second form that allows her to move around. This form is even more terrifying than the previous and gives Mother Brain some additional combat capabilities. Regardless what form she is in, this Nintendo villain is certainly a must see.

1 Giygas (Earthbound)

Giygas is an alien force who was once raised by humans. However, he was forced to attack Earth to keep them from learning about PSI, but he fails due to Ninten''s efforts.

Giygas returns to Earthbound and begins his spreading influence over the world. After losing his mind, Giygas became a vast amount of pure evil incapable of reasoning, and his evil caused the people of Eagleland to die. Giygas is also easily the most deadly Nintendo villain of all time, as well as the most depressing.