Fans of Amber Heard's testimony are comparing her to the Gone Girl

Fans of Amber Heard's testimony are comparing her to the Gone Girl ...

Amber Heard''s recent testimony in her high-stakes defamation case with Johnny Depp has raised eyebrows on social media. Viewers have noticed disturbing similarities between the Aquaman actor''s claims and scenes from David Fincher''s Gone Girl, a 2014 romance thriller starring Rosamund Pike and Ben Affleck. Heard has even accused him of stealing ideas from the film in order to create an appeal against her ex-wife.

Perhaps the most troubling claim the Aquaman star made against Depp is that he physically assaulted her with a liquor bottle and threatened to "carve up" her face. She explained the claim in detail, claiming that Depp''s aggression had been fueled by his jealousy on her work with Eddie Redmayne on The Danish Girl, as well as Billy Bob Thornton on London Fields. Dr. Dawn Hughes, the forensic psychologist hired by Heard''s legal team, cited these allegations.

In this case, Amy Dunne, the main character of Gone Girl, describes the exact same ''bottle'' incident to authorities. Of course, it is quickly revealed that Dunne is doing everything himself, even if she does so in order to make her lies consistent and credible. This practice is also true during Heard''s marriage to Depp.

Although some people are concerned about Heard''s medical records, Dunne was admitted after her ''bottle'' incident, which would seem to be the obvious next step in such a situation. However, the current assumption is that she did not seek treatment after the alleged incident.

The upcoming expansion of Heard''s petition to the Aquaman 2 has received over 4.5 million signatures, while a fresh petition to reinstate Depp in the next Pirates of the Caribbean is approaching 1 million signatures. At this time, it''s unclear whether Warner Bros. and Disney will follow the fans'' demands or not, but this time, however, it''s certain that both Heard and Depp''s careers will forever be altered by this defamation trial, regardless of the outcome. The $50 million de

On March 17, 2023, Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom are scheduled for a theatrical release.