How To Get Ouroboros Through Inscryption

How To Get Ouroboros Through Inscryption ...

Inscryption is a video game that conceals a disturbing plot disguised as an enigmatic card game. Despite being a mere guise, the card game''s most impressive feature is usually spent hours collecting powerful cards and designing a formidable deck of their design. However, one card always proves beneficial to the Ouroboros.

The Ouroboros is initially a deceptively unimpressive card, with one power and health, as well as two blood sacrifices. However, it also has a hidden capacity that increases its stats upon death, which remains indefinitely. Therefore, making fights and the purchase of currency a cakewalk. As it is such an advantageous card, players should know how to acquire the Ouroboros.

Act I

In Act I of Inscryption, getting the Ouroboros is incredibly simple. It''s possible to receive it as a reward for winning boss fights or trading a Golden Pelt with the Trader. Either way, proves straightforward, but does not guarantee the Ouroboros as it appears by random chance.

The Ouroboros should be offered as a reward for winning a boss battle, but they must have a formidable deck. Bosses are challenging adversaries who use unique and difficult strategies. So, having a deck of equal if not greater power is crucial to victory. If players defeat a boss, Leshy will offer them a selection of rare cards and allow them to take it as it appears this way only once every playthrough.

Players will need to take advantage of the Trapper and the Trader if they discover the Ouroboros via trading Golden Pelts. This two characters appear randomly, allowing them to seek them out whenever they reveal themselves on the map. Additionally, players may need to regularly visit the Trapper and the Trader to obtain pelts, which is possible by causing excessive damage to their opponents.

Act II

In Act II of Inscryption, getting the Ouroboros is far easier than in Act I. Players must visit Leshy''s Cabin and talk to the Trader. Acquiring Foil is possible by the same method as getting Teeth, alleviating extra damage to opponents. With just a few fights, players may accumulate the amount of Foil they need to get the Ouroboros relatively early on.


In a secluded and unassuming area, getting the Ouroboros now cleverly named the Ourobot in Act III of Inscryption is not easy for the unknowing player. Doing so requires solving the mystery of the Cuckoo Clock that manifested itself in P03''s world. This puzzle requires players to explore Botopia and discover a clue hidden in the southwest portion of the map exactly.

Players in southwest Botopia may find a small shop area near the Uberbot room. This market will sell typical items found in Act III except for an unusual object previously discovered. This is the time they need to set on the Cuckoo Clock. This will open the bottom doors where the Ourobot lies in. Players do not need to uncover this secret time to solve the puzzle, allowing them to obtain this card much sooner than expected.

Kaycee''''s Mod

The Ouroboros in Kaycee''s Mod are the same as Act I. However, the card''s stats will be restored, starting the card off with one power and health on each run. This new mechanic makes the Ouroboros much more worthwhile in Kaycee''s Mod, but not so much at the later stages when players have less time to buff it. On the other hand, getting this rare card is much easier in Kaycee''s mode because it provides more opportunities.

Inscryption is available on PC.