The 9 Best Perks That Complement Loadouts in Call Of Duty: Mobile

The 9 Best Perks That Complement Loadouts in Call Of Duty: Mobile ...

With every new Call of Duty game, the various developers that work on it provide new features that keep the franchise fresh and fun for casual and hardcore players. Especially when games like Call of Duty: Warzone include huge events that feature Godzilla and King Kong.

So Call of Duty Mobile provides players with a near-identical experience while playing the latest Call of Duty entry. It''s because it includes a slew of features previously used, like the Perk system. However, there are also some limitations that players should keep an eye on if they want to come out on top.

9 Lightweight - Tier 1

  • 21

Veteran COD players will be able to pick their opponents easy, since players will need to be on the move if they want to win consistently. That''s why players prefer the Lightweight Perk, which increases sprinting speed by 10%, when it helps avoid gunfights or assist in landing enemy positions during competitive matches.

The Lightweight Perk reduces fall damage, but no tall buildings are included on any of the maps on Call of Duty Mobile, so that benefit is negligible.

8 Tracker - Tier 2

  • 24

Knowing where an enemy player is can be the key to winning a match (a tip that most professional players strongly agree on), so the Tracker Perk is almost necessary since it shows enemy footprints for four seconds. But, however, players can also use this perk defensively because you know where an enemy went.

Despite being a powerful gain, players may combat it by using other benefits like Cold-Blooded. So, players should not only depend on this gain, but also learn to be aware of their surroundings.

7 Dead Silence - Tier 3

  • 27

By using the Dead Silence Perk, players can only be aware of their surroundings. In addition to listening to sound cues, players can also collect valuable information about where an enemy player is coming from.

The Dead Silence Perk enrages all walks, crouch, and prone movement, which may be helpful if players wish to jump on their competitors. But, of course, running is not silenced, so players should be cautious about running as enemy players will still hear their movements.

6 Flak Jacket - Tier 1

  • 36

Grenades and C4 have always been a staple in the Call of Duty multiplayer arena, as they may assist in certain gunfights, particularly when paired with the right Assault Rifle. Fortunately, players can combat these explosive types of equipment by using the Flak Jacket Perk, which reduces explosive damage by 35%.

Moreover, this perk protects players from any explosion, whether from a C4 or a Rocket Launcher explosion. However, the Flak Jacket Perk does not protect players from Molotov Cocktails, so players must steer clear of any player using them.

5 Ghost - Tier 2

  • 47

The UAV is a tool for revealing the position of every enemy player on the mini-map. Although that may appear like an OP scorestreak, players may easily counter it by using the Ghost Perk, which is a result of their escaping from the UAV.

The enemy will have to take objectives blindfolded when players take away those information. And the only way to overcome Ghost is by using a Advanced UAV, which costs several thousand points.

4 High Alert - Tier 3

  • None

Snipers have always been banned in FPS games, particularly in Call of Duty Mobile Battle Royale game mode. However, players may also use the High Alert Perk to avoid being sniped by enemy players, since it alerts players whenever an enemy is pointing at them.

Every time a player fails to notice the High Alert Perk, it marks adversaries, hostile equipment, and even scorestreaks on the mini-map. And the best part is that anything marked by High Alert Perk will also display on an allied player''s mini-map, making it the perfect support perk.

3 Restock - Tier 1

  • None

Lethal Equipment like Grenades, Molotov Cocktails, and C4 may turn the tide in a match, since a single piece of equipment may potentially wipe an entire team. Even though players have a limited number of Lethal Equipment per match, players may modify that by using the Restock Perk, which provides the most lethal equipment after 25 seconds.

The only downside of the Restock Perk is that some Tactical Equipment will not recharge, resulting in the perk being better suited for players with an aggressive playstyle.

2 Cold-Blooded - Tier 2

  • 7

In every Call of Duty game, there are impressive scorestreaks that can knock out entire teams, especially those controlled by AI, like the Sentry Gun or the Hunter Killer Drone. However, players may not be mowed down by one of these AI-controlled scorestreaks by using the Cold-Blooded Perk.

Because the Cold-Blooded Perk makes the player invisible to AI-controlled scorestreaks. Unfortunately, this perk does not prevent manually-controlled scorestreaks, so players will need to take care of them by other means.

1 Tactical Mask - Tier 3

  • 42

Tactical Equipment hasn''t always been a staple in the Call of Duty franchise, but it has changed since multiplayer became more competitive, allowing players to perform more tactical plays in matches.

The Tactical Mask Perk is perhaps the best perk players can use, since it reduces the effects by 40% of any Tactical Equipment, like the Stun or EMP Grenades. Players may use this perk with one of the many powerful secondary weapons to accomplish goals outlined by those who use Tactical Equipment.

Call of Duty: Mobile is now available on iOS and Android devices.