Nintendo Switch Sports Does 7 Things Better Than Wii Sports

Nintendo Switch Sports Does 7 Things Better Than Wii Sports ...

As Nintendo grew to become one of the most successful games in its lifetime, Wii Sports exploded across the globe. During their lifetime, everyone had a lot of fun using the Wii Remotes to play in various sports, including baseball, tennis, and bowling.

Although Wii Sports has featured other things, there is no other game that scored the first launch title. However, Nintendo is striving to recreate the magic again with Wii Sports. There are a few reasons why the game is different from Wii Sports, and they may be helpful.

7 Enhanced Player Control

When Wii Sports was released, it was essentially a technology demo to show the motion controls that the Wii might provide. All of the sports were focused on how well the player might swing the remote around for each mode. This didn''t make these sports bad to play, but meant that players had to let the game move everything else while the player was focused on their hand motions.

Two Nintendo Switch Sports were introduced that focused more on players being able to move their character on their own, along with motion-controlled actions: Soccer and Volleyball. These two sports revolve around player positioning being a major factor in their ability to succeed. Never putting players under control is no bad thing.

6 Chance For More Sports

Wii Sports'' launch sparked five actionable sports for the Wii owner: baseball, bowling, boxing, golf, and tennis. Nintendo instead announced the launch of the Wii Sports Resort with a large range of sports.

Nintendo Switch Sports already has six additional sports on its roster, including badminton, Chambara, soccer, and volleyball. Golf is expected to be added to the game months after the launch, and there is possibility that players will receive even more sports in.

5 Not As Much Focus On Fitness

While the five sports were the first focus of the Wii Sports franchise, there was also a mode that players might select on the main menu that would put players in a series of challenges that would end in the calculation of their body age. It was the start of the console''s attempt to attract people who wanted to be fit.

This is not a bad thing, but given the fact that there are other options on the Switch for something similar, it''s nice that Nintendo Switch Sports is entirely focused on having fun playing the sports. There''s not as much emphasis on determining how fit a player is by giving them a number that they''d likely feel disobed about.

4 Better Read Of Motion

Nintendo had previously tried motion control, but the Wii was the first console that nearly every game they created in the generation was fully integrated. However, motion controls with the Wii remote weren''t always accurate, and this may be seen when playing Wii Sports.

When Wii Sports Resort came out with the Wii MotionPlus as an accessory, it adjusted the accuracy of the controller, but that technology has now been added to the Nintendo Switch joy-cons. Therefore, the Nintendo Switch Sports experience is a lot easier.

3 More Character Customization

Miis gave the original Wii Sports game so much fun. Players customized their own looksalike and placed them in the game, generating a virtual self playing against other Mii athletes. However, there was no need to add anything more, except for a few minor adjustments to equipment.

Nintendo Switch Sports is a much more individualized game for the user, allowing them to either use their Mii or a new character model called a Sportsmate. While they do not have a lot of customization at first, players can easily unlock a slew of various outfits, hairstyles, and equipment by performing well in online mode.

2 Competing Against Random Individuals

While Wii Sports was a fun experience to play with friends, it was still an introverted experience. This is because there were not many options in the game to see how people from another room were doing. Most often, players would have to go online themselves to see how good they were doing.

It''s also a way to understand how the worldwide community is doing with each sport. It''s also a primary way for players to get extra customization options for their characters. While Wii Sports encourages playing with local friends, Nintendo Switch Sports encourages playing with the rest of the globe.

1 Playing With Long Distance Friends

While Wii Sports was as successful as it was, playing locally isn''t always possible, so it was vital for Nintendo to keep that in mind when it comes to releasing this game.

While only two players can access an online lobby when on a single system, up to eight players can fill up the lobby in general. This size is ideal for those who want a large match for Soccer and Bowling, but eight players are not able to play in other sports all at once. These are also more online options than Wii Sports ever had.