While listening to classic music, here are five fantastic games to play

While listening to classic music, here are five fantastic games to play ...

People who never touched a game console believed that video games were about violence and crime. It should go without saying today that this isn''t the case, as the industry is so diverse and varied that the cliche line "there''s a little something for everyone."

Because of the growing use of games that focus on exploration and puzzles, gaming is home to some of today''s most enjoyable, thought-provoking, and intellectually challenging forms of media. However, most games today have their own soundtracks, although there are still instances when players prefer to reduce their volume and listen to their own music.

Here are a few fantastic games inspired by classical music for those who want a quiet evening in the chambers of music.

5 Myst

Myst was first available on macOS in 1993, before becoming available to almost every computer since then. It should come as no surprise as the game''s numerous ports should come as no surprise, as it was up until the release of The Sims in February 2000, and the game was the greatest-selling PC game in history.

At the time, Myst separated itself from other puzzle games by giving players ample areas to freely explore and environmental puzzles to solve. It is notoriously difficult, because players must also figure out how to solve the numerous puzzles, but they also have to figure out where to go first and in what order to solve them.

Classical music is a fantastic accompaniment for Myst as it allows players to explore the island at a leisurely pace. Plus, the frustration of being stuck in the same area for over an hour can be alleviated with soothing instruments.

4 The Witness

The Witness is one of the many puzzle games that was significantly influenced by Myst. Like Myst, the Witness only includes line puzzles, which might make the game one-dimensional, although its puzzle designers did a fantastic job of incorporating a lot of variety into the tricky puzzles to ensure that they don''t become stuck.

A ton of credit should be paid paid by the designers as, if you believe it or not, there are hundreds of puzzles in simple sight around the open world that many players will never see. These environmental puzzles can be found in clouds, between shadows, on the water''s surface, and almost everywhere else on the map, until they reach the point where players will soon realize that The Witness has puzzles to find at almost every turn.

Wandering through the open world of The Witness, seeking for puzzles, is a rewarding experience as a result of classical music, who mostly uses ambient noise. Jonathan Blow, who is a recognized player in the puzzle genre, was designed by Jonathan Blow.

3 Braid

The puzzle game, which refers to Braid, is a popular format for classical musicians.

Braid is one of the most important releases of the last couple of decades, because it was one of the first indie games that many people played, and it demonstrated that indie games might be as enjoyable as AAA titles, which dominated the gaming industry at the time. Jarvis Blow''s game allows players to make puzzles that appear to be simple when approached first, but will last players for much longer than they''d like to admit.

Along with the remarkable puzzle gameplay, Braid is fondly remembered for its twist ending, which dispels traditional gaming crazes.

2 The Talos Principle

The Talos Principle is yet another game on this list that is hidden in mystery and gives players many opportunities to explore. Unlike most of the other puzzle games on this list, The Talos Principle is unapologetically detailed and text-heavy, which may haze some people off, although others will find it utterly engrossing.

As the puzzles begin off very simple, The Talos Principle introduces players into a false sense of security, putting some people at odds over if the game is too simple for them. However, such individuals will soon be eating their words, as the game progresses in difficulty to the point where by the end it becomes one of the hardest puzzle games of the last decade.

1 Chess Ultra

Chess Ultra is an evident choice for this list, as classical music and chess have all gone hand in hand for centuries.

Chess Ultra, a 2017 game, does not attempt to reinvent the wheel, offering traditional chess gameplay with online capabilities. Along with the usual Chess games, the game also allows players to solve a wide range of puzzles and allows them to step into the shoes of some of the game''s finest-ever players by tasking them with recreating classic games.

The soundtrack for Chess Ultra is full of classical music, although the song variety is limited, so most players will soon want to switch the volume off and place their own playlist on the game.