Newcastle's Best Counters in Apex Legends

Newcastle's Best Counters in Apex Legends ...

Apex Legends'' 13th Season, Saviors, has just dropped, and a brand new gameable Legend has been introduced, including a primarily defensive role, with abilities that enable him to drag down teammates and deploy a variety of sturdy shields.

Despite Newcastle''s huge dedication to shields and teammates, there are a few Legends that can easily defeat a Newcastle player. However, it might take a bit of skill to draw down those players who have a special knack for playing as defensive heroes.


Newcastle''s sister, Bangalore, is effective in one of the best counters to his shield abilities. As Newcastle''s shields can mostly only be deployed in a front-facing position, he''s left pretty open from aerial assaults. Bangalore''s ultimate ability, "Rolling Thunder," is unleashed a massive mortar fire on a large area of the battlefield.

Players can easily remove any shields Newcastle has placed, while also receiving a few lucky hits from the top. Even if Newcastle and his team aren''t directly affected by Rolling Thunder, it''ll likely remove them from their current cover, allowing a skilled team to make an effective push.


Gibraltar''s Ultimate can be used to combat Newcastle''s shields, but it is known as a "Defensive Bombardment" and uses essentially the same amount of effect as Bangalore''s, although Gibraltar''s players may easily disrupt Newcastle and his team by bombarding them from above, although they will need to be a little more precise with their intentions.


Fuse can get the job done with ease, thanks to his Passive ability, which allows him to carry twice the amount of grenades and his Knuckle Cluster Tactical ability. Fuse can also throw a bunch of grenades into Newcastle''s blind spot, wreaking havoc inside.

If players are trying to escape the shield fort, then Fuse''s Ultimate should come in handy, trapping them inside a burning fire. From there, a team should have no trouble picking off enemies or those trapped inside Newcastle''s walls.


Valkyrie can take Newcastle out with minimal effort. All Valkyrie players must do is fly over and behind Newcastle and his team, while while in the air, Valkyrie can also use her Missile Swarm Tactical to fire rockets at the exposed Newcastle, causing significant damage.

Mad Maggie

Mad Maggie''s Tactical ability attempts to avoid Newcastle''s force fields without letting her shred through them directly. It''s a form of the "Riot Drill," which involves a drill into any surface or wall, which burns players on the other side while it burrows through it. While the drill will shred through them, all while causing damage to those on the other side.


Caustic''s poisonous grenades have a big impact on Newcastle and his defense. Unlike Gibraltar''s shield, Newcastle''s force fields don''t stop Caustic''s harmful gas from spreading. This makes it extremely easy for a Caustic player to get a Nox Grenade near Newcastle and his covered team to go to work, choking away their health, or forcing them to flee their camps.

Apex Legends is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. Apex Legends Mobile is due on May 17.