How To Modify Vassal Contracts in Crusader Kings 3

How To Modify Vassal Contracts in Crusader Kings 3 ...

Crusader Kings 3 has risen the ranks to become one of the most popular grand strategy games around. Paradox Interactive has knocked it out of the park and allowed people to enter one of their most accessible titles, which it has said a lot. After all, the latest game has taken steps to ensure that more individuals may gain access to this title without feeling overwhelmed.

A significant part of Crusader Kings 3 is managing vassals while also providing them with an ongoing stream of gold and troops. This is easier said than done, especially since modifying vassal contracts can be a costly task in itself. Players who consider the alteration of vassal contracts to be a depreciation should keep an eye on.

First, always remember that Crusader Kings 3 is a complicated game in which a single change can have a huge domino effect. This is especially true for the use of vassal contracts, which will almost always be for the benefit of the player and will not really keep vassals least in this department.

This makes it crucial to only modify the contracts of vassals who are either satisfied with the player or are unable to enter factions against them. This ensures that the negative penalties incurred by higher taxes or taxes will not be so severe that they will start rebelling against the player.

In the world, making a vassal contract isn''t the easiest thing. Players will either face a Tyranny penalty or use up a Weak Hook in order to modify the contract, which is often a tall order. Before making a vassal contract, they will need to weigh the risks and benefits of it.

Finally, the player should keep in mind that a vassal with a Hook on them may blackmail them to modify the vassal contract for their favor. This can be a major annoyance, but a slight decrease in income isn''t worth getting a secret revealed, since a ruler''s regime can be destabilized if the secret is particularly heinous.

In Crusader Kings 3, how can a Vassal contract be altered?

The most important part of being able to access a vassal''s contract and altering some of its parameters is quite simple. Players will only need to right-click on the vassal, and they''ll have the option to modify their contract under the Vassalage & Court tab.

  • How much tax they give
  • How many levies they''''re obligated to raise
  • Details in the case of a special contract
  • Any other unique obligations or benefits

For the most part, players should only pay attention to taxes and levies. However, those who feel like they have a grasp of the basics may go on higher levels and figure out the kind of vassal contract that will assist them in their current playthrough.

The elimination of the obligations of a vassal is a tyrannical decision that should be avoided. Of course, players who want to follow this action in any respect can easily increase whatever parameters they want and force the vassal to oblige, although this can have significant consequences down the line.

Instead, it''s best to use either a Weak or Strong hook to modify the contract without having to suffer any negative consequences. It eliminates the Tyranny penalty, and the Strong Hook had the added benefit of staying intact even after being used as a bargaining tool.

Is It Not Just For A Vassal''s Contract to Be Necessary?

Although players may always modify the contract of a vassal whenever they see fit, then the domino effect that can arise as a result should be taken into account. Sure, a Weak Hook may be used up for a modest increase in tax, but is it truly worth all the effort? Instead, weak Hooks are a fairly powerful bargaining tool.

Keep an eye on that charging a vassal to increase taxes or other penalties will have a negative impact on their opinion of their current liege. If their current liesge isn''t managed appropriately, then unhappy vassals may form factions and cause a civil conflict, which can be especially resemblable when the player is low on funds or is already in the middle of another situation.

Final note that the incremental changes to a vassal''s contract does not even have such an impact, even if certain powerful vassals with large realms are barred. However, spending too much time on attempting and optimizing every vassal''s contract can result in a massive waste of effort, even if the realm''s list of issues isn''t addressed. In Crusader Kings 3, however, players can or should do so to make their playthrough easier.

Crusader Kings 3 is available for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.