If you liked Netflix's Welcome To Eden, here are 6 series you should watch

If you liked Netflix's Welcome To Eden, here are 6 series you should watch ...

Welcome To Eden, a fantastic thriller TV show marketed by Netflix from Spain, reveals five people going to a secret island in search of their guests'' best interests, but everything gets crashing down on the top. It''s a fantastic journey into the thriller genre with a nice modern twist that has left viewers wanting more and hoping for a second season.

The show will have to wait, however, since it''s yet to be released. That doesn''t hinder fans from viewing it so much that they can fill the Welcome to Eden-shaped hole in their lives. Fortunately, there are a plethora of thrilling thrillers, fantastic settings, and even more suspenseful stories to enjoy while waiting for the next season.

6 Money Heist

Money Heist, a fantastic and surprisingly hilarious crime drama that enthuses many viewers of Welcome to Eden.

It''s all about a group of people who are planning to make the greatest heist ever by using their own money. Similar to Welcome to Eden, the arrangement between the characters is steep but impressive, and fans will certainly develop favorites, even if they aren''t the nicest people in the world. Check out Money Heist and you''ll soon find a new connection.

5 Outer Banks

One of the best things about Welcome to Eden is the connections between the characters. It''s not the smoothest of rides but it''s a journey that entails strenuous interactions, causing tension, thrills, and unexpected surprises, all accompanied by a problematic situation that encompasses the story as a whole. This is almost exactly like Outer Banks, except the people in this show actually live on the island permanently and aren''t intending to go off it, or at least some of them are

Outer Banks is a fantastically popular show with great friends, a little love, some stunning beaches, and a hidden treasure hunt that puts a lot of danger along the way. It is well-known as Welcome to Eden, and really resembles a similar audience on Netflix. It also has more than one season to enjoy.

4 The A-List

The A-List is a great show for those looking for the same thrills and storylines, as well as a little bit of supernatural involvement. This time, the crew of friends is confronted with black magic and other hidden difficulties they all must solve.

It''s a kind of show that has no problem killing off members of the cast so don''t get too attached to them. However, anything with the use of magic makes them likely to stay out for too long. Either way, this crew is attempting to escape from this unstable island before others become injured.

3 The Wilds

The Wilds, a classic novel, is about a group of young men who live on a remote island that is subjected to a cruel experiment. It''s all about how these characters deal with such a tragic event and how they do to arrive on this unforgiving island.

The Wilds is a fantastic thriller that will keep viewers entertained by the great characters as well as their appearance.

2 Lost

The Lost series is known for two things: the first is the idea that if viewers want it to remain a great show, they should avoid the last season at all costs. It''s got a rather disappointing ending, but there are so many other seasons and a solid narrative at the beginning that viewers will be able to fully enter into this fantastic show.

It''s a journey of a group of people who discover themselves trapped on an island after a plane crash. It''s an ideal mixture of survival, drama, and the thrills of being stuck on a deadly island with the same people. It''s a fitting journey to Eden.

1 Elite

Elite is a new Spanish TV thriller that delves into the lives of young people and the difficulties they face as they struggle with their own morals and those of the people around them. Moving away from the otherwise-so-so-so-so-so-so-so-so-so-so-so-so-so-so-so-so-sailable circumstances, which includes Elite.

It''s basically a classic school drama with a twist. Three working-class students come into this particularly exclusive school and viewers can watch it as these two very different lives fall together. Luckily, it''s not just a show with five seasons of arguing, but also a few elements that are much more sinister.