While playing days are over, everyone makes 12 mistakes

While playing days are over, everyone makes 12 mistakes ...

Bend Studio''s excellent survival horror title Days Gone is the latest in a growing number of former PlayStation subscribers to have been removed for free. This means that there are currently a lot of people who are planning to go through it for the first time.

There is certainly plenty of interest in these new players, but there are also a number of potential shortcomings that might hinder their progress. Most players will probably probably learn all about these mistakes pretty soon after they start playing, although those who prefer to avoid making them in the first place would probably do well to do a little background reading before starting.

Tom Bowen, a developer of Bend Studio is rumored to be developing a new Ghost Rider game or a spiritual successor to Syphon Filter. This requires neither new players from checking out this fantastic open-world survival horror game, nor those who have already played it, to return for a second bite of the apple. These are some of the greatest mistakes that people make in Days Gone and should be avoided at all costs.

12 Running Out Of Gas

Anybody who has ever had to push Deacon''s bike up a hill while continuously fending off Freakers will already know that running low may be difficult, as it may hinder players from being able to utilize the game''s rapid travel feature. Fortunately, this process can all be avoided fairly easily.

Every time an opportunity to do so presents itself, players should be cautious, while also maintaining gasoline whenever possible. Deacon gets off the throttle whenever he''s traveling downhill is a great way to start, but there''s nothing wrong with driving a little slower than top speed whenever the situation permits.

11 Not Upgrading Deacon''''s Bike

Another technique to reduce the risk of running out of gas is to increase the size of the bike''s gas tank, although this is just one of several improvements that players should be looking to make to the bike as early as possible. The Drifter Bike, however, contains several performance improvements, but some are definitely a lot more useful than others.

Players may be able to store extra ammo on the bike and it can make inventory management easier. However, replacing the frame is highly recommended, allowing players to stop reacting to it less often. Only after these things have been added or upgraded should players begin to think about other modifications.

10 Wasting Ammo

In Days Gone, ammo can be extremely difficult to come by, so it''s essential for players to utilize what little ammo they do not have infrequently. In situations where combat is unavoidable, players should always seek stealth and melee weapons as quickly as possible.

Although it''s possible to get ammo from camps, having to stop mid-flow to do so may be a big waste of time and energy. In the event that players kill an enemy or stumble across a corpse, they should be careful to loot it in hopes of finding additional ammo. However, cop cars are also a great source of ammo and should be examined whenever possible.

9 Taking On A Horde Unprepared

There are a number of games in which players are able to mow through wave after wave of zombies, but Days Gone isn''t the only one of them. Even when players are first starting out their playthrough, chances are that a encounter with a large horde of Freakers can quickly become sour and result in the player being sent back to the final checkpoint. However, the hordes may also be quite helpful.

If players forget about one while on a quest to an enemy camp, it''s possible to guide the horde over towards the enemies and have the Freakers do all of the work. This strategy may pose some difficulties if their guard is lost or stumble upon an unexpected encounter, but it''s likely worth it given the fact that it''s possible to see two enemy forces completely destroy one another.

8 Panicking During QTE sequences

Quick time events were initially intended to make cinematic scenes more interactive, but the mechanic has since evolved into an entirely different beast. Many games now use QTEs a little like jump scares; placing players in a situation where panicking can lead to a swift and deadly death. However, that''s mostly how they''re used throughout Days Gone.

The good news is that the time spent giving players the ability to respond to the button prompts on the screen is fairly indulgent compared to other games. Therefore, players should use this to their advantage when a prompt appears on the screen rather than scrambling to hit the appropriate button. It is important that players compose themselves carefully to ensure that they don''t make a mistake.

7 Not Utilizing The Quick Save Function

While the game''s autosave function does a remarkably good job of bolstering progress, death can arrive surprisingly swiftly even for players that are interested. As such, it''s a good idea to make the most of the game''s easy-to-use quicksave function as often as possible, especially if a hazardous encounter arises.

PC players may press and hold R on their keyboard when they pedal the bike or are actively involved in combat, but it''s best to use it straight after dismounting, therefore, they should employ the triangle or Y button instead of the R key.

6 Ignoring NERO Checkpoints

While fighting off angry Freakers, the prospect of having a generator and a speaker system may be a bit intimidating, but the risks are certainly worth it. Each NERO checkpoint is hiding a special case with a NERO injector gun, which can be used to improve Deacon''s maximum health, stamina, and focus.

It is possible to complete the game without these upgrades, but doing so may sabotage the game considerably easier. A lot of thought should be done already, while increasing focus may make taking on hordes or clearing out enemy camps significantly easier. It also may be helpful in reducing item consumption, which allows players to spend their money elsewhere.

5 Skipping Over Collectibles

One way to find out the game''s 12 NERO checkpoints is to further enhance the game''s character. However, players should seek out several of the game''s many collectibles to accomplish this. Things such as Tourism Collectibles and Historical Markers are likely to be skipped, although many others are essential for surviving the post-apocalyptic world.

NERO Intel and RIP Sermons are important to players; these include some extra insight into the Rippers Faction. Other items, like Sarah''s Lab Notes and Colonel Garret''s Speeches, are linked to the main story progression, so players should not be afraid to manually seek them out. However, it''s worth taking a closer look at them in the menu before acquiring them all.

4 Not Using Survival Vision

Survival Vision is one of the most powerful skills at Deacon and the player''s disposal, allowing them to see items and objects that can be interacted with without being touched by the naked eye. There''s no limitation on how often players may use the ability either, but there''s no reason not to use it frequently unless players are intentionally trying to do things harder for themselves.

Players may also use Survival Vision to pinpoint enemy locations before they can do so. However, unlocking the Eagle-Eyed skill will increase the range of Survival Vision, while the Eye for Detail skill will extend the duration that items remain highlighted.

3 Failing to Use the Binoculars

Days Gone is a game that rewards players who take their time exploring an enemy camp before admitting to it. Although it may seem like a chore, it may make life a lot simpler for players, especially when combined with Survival Vision and the associated skills.

While playing the game on the easy or normal difficulty settings, players may feel as though this level of assistance may make things a little too complicated at times, but binoculars are a critical component.

2 Skipping The Stealth Upgrades

Whether this comes from Marauders and Rippers or a horde of passing Freakers, the end result is usually the same: players will have a bad time. Luckily, the game provides all of the tools required to minimize the danger of alerting enemies to Deacon''s presence, although players will need to unlock them first.

The Thief in the Night skill significantly reduces Deacon''s movement, which will allow players to sneak past Freakers unheard. This is perhaps more of a time-saving feat than anything else, as players will be able to drive considerably closer to enemy camps before having to dismount and continue their approach on foot.

1 Underutilizing Encampments

While exploring the fascinating open world of Day''s Gone, players will stumble across five large encampments at which they can perform tasks, restore their health, repair, and refuel Deacon''s bike, and stock up on ammo and medkits. This alone makes them incredibly helpful, but there are a number of reasons to pay them a visit.

A lot of the game''s finest weapons, weapon upgrades, and bike upgrades are found here, although players will first need to earn the camp''s trust in order to gain access to them. It''s even possible to get Copeland''s Camp and Tucker''s Camp to join forces with Deacon in the final mission by raising their trust level to three before initiating it; this is another reason to engage with the game''s campments.

Days Gone is now available on PlayStation 4 and PC.