Forgemaster Reacts Strangely After Fight in Skyrim Clip

Forgemaster Reacts Strangely After Fight in Skyrim Clip ...

After being struck with a ragdoll physics, enemies in Skyrim are known to fly around or fall limp, resulting in hilarious moments after intense battles. One Skyrim fan noticed The Forgemaster reacting in such a way after being shot above the vents in the center of the arena it''s found in.

Card444''s adventures in Skyrim have recently been shared with Reddit users, who are completing the Dawnguard DLC provided in the most recent versions of the game. Although The Forgemaster climbs out of magma at the beginning of the fight, its body reacts unexpectedly to a vent that has fire poking through its gaps.

Card444''s clip begins with a player maneuvering The Forgemaster with their two-handed Skyrim rifle and two lighter follow-up attacks immediately after. However, the boss does not reveal exactly what enchantment Card444 has on its two-handed ax, implying it has Shock or Soul Trap. These attacks suggest The Forgemasters health bar go from one-fifth health to zero, and the enemy fails to shoot one final fiery attack before towing over stiffly to rest

As Skyrim''s ragdoll physics take over, a Skyrim player walks up to The Forgemaster''s corpse to loot it after the fight closes, but they''re not able to open the inventory before the game starts to spin around. Perhaps due to the fire under the vent, The Forgemaster collapses and the boss''s dead body begins to fly around the room, but even after the arm is released, The Forgemaster is strangely sent flying like a dead man.

The Forgemaster''s reaction to Card444 has been dubbed "dogdog" by several Skyrim players. Others claim that the Skyrim boss was posing a temper dispute after losing the battle and did not intend to reward the player with loot yet. Despite the fact that the bug is still unknown, Bethesda Softworks is unlikely to resolve the issue.

Skyrim is now available on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.