Benedict Cumberbatch Talks About Marvel's Role He Turned Down Before Landing Doctor Strange

Benedict Cumberbatch Talks About Marvel's Role He Turned Down Before Landing Doctor Strange ...

Benedict Cumberbatch has been praised for the roles he has given as Doctor Strange since he was first playing the role in 2016. However, Cumberbatch has revealed that he was initially offered the role of a Marvel villain more than a decade ago but turned it down.

Cumberbatch has been among the best performers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe while contemplating how his character has reacted to many settings, according to the latest installment featuring his character titled Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Cumberbatch admitted in a recent interview that back in the early 2010s, he was offered the role of Malekith in Thor: The Dark World. At the time, he was gaining recognition as an actor for his roles in Sherlock, but he believed that at the time, he would have preferred to play a juicier role in the MCU. ''No, it would be today.'' He has to have that arrogance," said Cumberbatch.

The only problem with Cumberbatch''s portrayal of Doctor Strange was how similar Tony Stark was to him in his career. Not only was he exceptional in his character, but he was aggressive to go with it, making him difficult to deal with. However, since Doctor Strange is currently visiting worlds that Stark never imagined possible, there''s a lot of room to explore. Marvel Studios has the appropriate actor to handle the task.

Since Cumberbatch''s and Marvel Studios'' sake, deciding down Malekith would have been the perfect choice. In addition, if there was a person out there who would have played Doctor Strange as well as Cumberbatch might, then who knows. In spite of being portrayed by an eccentric actor like Christopher Eccleston, Malekith was among the blandest villains in the Marvel Studios. Despite being a talented actor, however, it''s a bizarre mistake to have him having the ability to play

For the most part, Marvel Studios has nailed the castings with their actors, not just because of how they compared them to their characters. Sure, there are some what-ifs, like what went down with Edward Norton and Terrence Howard early on, but even later, Marvel Studios made a comeback. Let''s just be thankful that they did not make the mistake they could have with Malekith.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is now playing in cinemas.