How To Get Supplies In XCOM 2

How To Get Supplies In XCOM 2 ...

In the event of April 2022, the Epic Games Store will offer XCOM 2 for free. Players are encouraged to manage their forces in intense turn-based combat while maintaining a military base. XCOM 2 is a game that involves a number of different currencies, but supplies are the most used.

This is why it''s important for new players to understand how to get supplies. There are a number of ways to accomplish things. Some are more effective than others, and players should note that always hunting supplies isn''t the best way to defeat XCOM 2. However, players won''t get far without an ample stash of supplies!

Supply Drops

Supply drops are a fast guaranteed way to get supplies. Players will receive a supply drop at the beginning of each new month. Performance is based on Shadow Project''s progress, successful missions, and the construction/destruction of alien bases. Players will meet with the last council member at the end of each month, and a supply drop will appear on the map after the meeting.

When players maneuver their ship around the map to investigate disturbances, collect items, or participate in missions, supply drops are the most common way to get large amounts of supplies at once. A deep green icon is visible on the tactical map, like most methods of gathering supplies.

Selling At The Black Market

Throughout a campaign, players will collect plenty of items from combat. Most of these items have a purpose back on base. For example, alien alloys are used to construct more advanced weapons and armor. Alien corpses can be autopsied to create unique items that players may bring into combat. However, some of these items gathered in the field begin to lose value.

Players looking to make a big profit can sell these items on the black market. XCOM 2 is definitely not the ideal strategy to gain supplies, with players losing items that they can often often use for better things. In a pinch, however, the supplies gained from selling excess items can buy a medkit or a mind-shield that just might save a soldier''s life!

Supply Raids

Supply raids are a type of mission in XCOM 2, where players must mark crates for extraction before the aliens can mark them. Many of the players'' ground forces mark these crates, therefore they will be placed in very dark spots for them to mark. They will be exposed and flanked by alien forces, and often they will take a hit or even perish.

These trips will cost a lot of money for a player, but they may also come at a low cost. However, losing a veteran soldier can be felt throughout the remainder of the campaign. As such, a player should be a lower level or even a rookie if possible. XCOM 2 is packed with difficult strategic decisions.

Mission Rewards

Every mission in XCOM 2 comes with its own rewards. Players will often choose between two or three missions on the map at any given time. Only one of these missions can be accepted. Other missions, unless story-related, will disappear after the completion of the selected mission. Each mission will have a lot of meaning. It will have a difficult rating, a set of rewards, and sometimes even counter alien plans.

When a player is considering a mission, all of these factors must be considered. What forces can they take on? Which rewards are the best? It''s always a solid choice for getting supplies. It also helps level up the soldiers.

Covert Operations

Covert operations revolve around three new factions in the XCOM universe, which will complete missions for the organization. These three factions are all together, thus giving them new rewards and buffs.

Depending on whether the covert operation is successful, players may collect supplies. The majority of these missions are out of the player''s control. Often, covert operations will run in the background while the player manages the tactical and combat elements of the game. Consequently, gathering supplies via one of the AI-controlled factions is always an option.

Clearing Alien Debris

The most reliable and guaranteed way of collecting supplies and alien alloys is to clear alien debris on the Avenger, the player''s ship, and base. It is essential for players to construct new rooms, including disposal technicians. As the debris grows into the Avenger, these cleaning tasks will take longer and longer.

Players will always receive a significant amount of supplies from a clear room, and this is one of the best methods to acquire supplies in XCOM 2 while accomplishing other tasks. When the supply drops, or the black market on the tactical map will not complete missions, which is necessary to win the game. Players may always clear alien debris while looking out new missions. The supplies will come from the debris eventually!

XCOM 2 is available on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Mobile devices.