EarthBound Streamer Gets Rare Item for 30 Hours and Unlocks Console

EarthBound Streamer Gets Rare Item for 30 Hours and Unlocks Console ...

TragicOnTwitch has been dedicated to an act of suffering for a long time now. EarthBound is now complete for three months, and is a major game in itself. However, for four streams and more than 30 hours of gameplay, TragicOnTwitch has been focused on one item: the Gutsy Bat, a very rare item.

The week of streaming on Twitch takes a long time to learn about it. TragicOnTwitch''s Gutsy Bat has a 1 in 128 drop rate and only drops from the Bionic Kraken, which fails to spawn continuously in the first place. Even with these long odds, TragicOnTwitch had bad luck. The message, "The enemy left a present!" popped up onscreen. Then, a disaster struck.

TragicOnTwitch was completely satisfied with releasing the Gutsy Bat to her rescue. The enemy does not have any other drops, so seeing the message about a present meant that the Gutsy Bat was hers. However, it was enough to force a reboot.

She accepted the Twitch livestreaming tragedy and laughed some more. Then acceptance slowed, and she continued laughing some more. While still laughing, she said, "No, I''m not doing so great."

TragicOnTwitch started Earthbound back up and began looking for more Bionic Krakens. However, the stream''s mood was certainly different from the one seen before, although TragicOnTwitch''s community was still supportive. The Twitch clip was already increasing in viewers.

TragicOnTwitch may have lost a Gutsy Bat item on Earthbound, but she gained a lot of attention for her Twitch channel. Perhaps the Gutsy Bat was always the friends made along the way.

Earthbound is now available on the SNES and Game Boy Advance.