The Game is portrayed as a comic book in stunning God of War fan art

The Game is portrayed as a comic book in stunning God of War fan art ...

Mark Scicluna, an artist and a God of War fan, created a spectacular comic cover for the game.

Thor is lining his hammer Mjolnir and preparing to fight as a storm approaches the characters. An iconic visual that has seen fans talking for years, many wonder if it will possibly end the formers battles with Baldur. With God of War: Ragnarok launching this year, fans will soon have their answer. For now, however, they can appreciate this Scicluna artwork.

The artist being a former artist for Rockstar Games would be incredibly talented. There are a lot of interesting features to appreciate in their latest work, with the most obvious being the scenes angle that gets recreated perfectly. The choice of a vibrant blue for the sky and yellow for Thors lightning make the piece even more appealing.

While a comic-inspired version of the end of God of Wars might be clumsy on its own, what makes the piece so impressive is the artists eye for detail. It''s important to see the faces of Kratos and Atreus in the bottom left corner before making the art feel like an old school comic cover.

With a 25 cent price tag and an incredibly impressive God of War logo both on the piece, fans of the franchise are encouraged to appreciate it. Both Twitter and Reddit have received plenty of praise for this fan art, as well as thousands of likes and upvotes, which are commended for its style. Perhaps the most surprising comment of all was from Santa Monica itself, as the official Twitter account for the studio responded to applaud Scicluna.

Though Thors'' design initially seemed a bit divisive, it will be interesting to see how gamers feel once they see the character in action. Given how much buildup there was in the original game for Thors'' appearance, his insecurity will likely result in Kratos'' significant challenge.

The PS4 and PC versions of God of War are now available.