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Top 10 Screening Games ...

Nothing is worse than the bitter taste of defeat. Players groan in protest when their games get the better of them, whether it''s dying for the hundredth time in Dark Souls or falling off the map in Fall Guys. Without a doubt, the worst thing about being defeated by a game is seeing that crushing screen.

Game Over screens are one of the oldest video game designs. While the sight of them often frustrates the player, some of them steal a laugh. Some of them can even be a fun gameplay mechanic that compensates the pain of dying more and more.

Jack Pursey''s Update on May 14th, 2022: "It''s like asking a gamer to pick their favorite Game Over screen at Christmas." In some cases, frustration and odd language make players stand and look out for their mistakes.

Many games are unanswered, thus great Game Over screens are often overlooked, as players aim to jump back into action. This is a shame, as many studios work hard to produce engaging, funny, lore-appropriate, and ultimately memorable Game Over screens that will alleviate the effects of virtual death. So, today''s list includes a few more entries.

10 Monkey Island 2: LeChuck''''s Revenge

LucasArts was able to open a corner shortly after the story was published, showing Guybrush Threepwood, as the protagonist, and the playable character is clearly alive.

In the 1990s, LucasArts handled the pot plot hole in a humorous manner by having a Game Over screen that involves Elaine inquiring about the story''s validity, and Guybrush informing him he was just exaggerating the events to keep things interesting.

Another classic game that handles death in this way is the Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. When the player dies, the Prince corrects himself, declaring, "No, no, I did not die in that battle, let me begin again."

9 The Binding of Isaac

The game Over screen''s attachment to Isaac is oddly satisfying, considering it immediately follows the player''s death. The note on the screen is a handwritten note that instructs anyone who finds it to provide all of Isaac''s belongings to his cat.

The Game Over screen isn''t just intended to surprise players with a sense of humor, but also provides some useful information about Isaac''s father and his burial information. These are simple things to know in a game from the roguelike genre, and the way that the note cleverly organizes information into one page makes it simple for friends to compare.

8 Chrono Trigger

The Chrono Trigger is far from a horror game, yet it has one of the most disturbing and terrifying games over screens of all time.

Crono travels through time to prevent Lavos'' devastation in hopes of forming a bright future. However, if players fail in this task, they will be greeted by a grainy, black and white depiction of the planet, which can be viewed as a symbolic of the absence of life that Lavos caused, and Crono couldn''t prevent. If that wasn''t enough, the game rub salt into the wounds with the painful words: "But... The future refused

7 Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

The game "Necessary" for Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker is one of the most iconic Game Over screens of all time. It may not add anything in terms of gameplay, but the death screen might just be one of the most funniest in all of gaming.

"Snake! SNAAAAKE!" says the death screen, "Snake! SNAAAAKE!" It''s no secret that internet meme culture has preserved this one forever.

6 The Legend Of Zelda: Majora''''s Mask

Majora''s Mask does not make this list for the Game Over screen itself, but for the surprisingly troubling scene that precedes it, which did a great job of scaring the lives of innocent kids in the early 2000s.

The moon in Majora''s Mask is one of the most terrifying visuals in gaming history. It''s difficult to focus on adventuring with that face staring down at the player. However, the timer at the bottom of the screen does not assist, implying an even sense of annoyance.

When Link dies, he simply drops to the ground, and that''s the end of it. If, however, the timer runs out and the moon collides with the clocktower, a cutscene plays. Players watch in horror as the entire town, including Link, is wiped out by fires.

5 Demon''''s Souls

''YOU DIED.'' This ending screen is short and to the point. Demon''s Souls may not have the most famous Game Over screen, but it does stand out. In Demon Souls, most players die often over it''s not exactly an easy game.

As the game progresses, it begins to become a joke. It''s possible that FromSoftware was attempting to defeat players for the eightieth time, but that''s why. ''You Are Dead,'' the sad face emoji is removed from being the most comically patronizing message in all areas of gaming.

4 Batman: Return To Arkham

Return to Arkhamis is a love letter to comics. Batman''s iconic villains are all ready to defeat the caped crusader, and a game is dealt with on several Game Over screens.

Each villain has a post-credit Game Over screen in which they interact with a defeated Batman. These scenes are so interesting that many players opt to lose their battles for the first time, just around to see how the villains will react to finally winning.

3 Banjo-Kazooie

Many games don''t show the result if the hero loses; instead, they narrow to a Game Over screen, and players must try again. Banjo-Kazooie is unique in this regard; as if the player fails to save their sister Tooty, they can actually see what happens.

Gruntilda, a evil witch, succeeds in her quest to steal Tooty''s beauty. A monstrous version of her has a bone to pick with the brother who failed to save her.

2 Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

The Thousand-Year Door is one of the best Game Over screens on the market. The first is when the player is KO''d by the enemy. Mario slumps down the center stage, and the curtain draws, almost like if this was a stage error, and they''re currently working behind the scenes to fix it.

The second interesting Game Over screen comes to an end. Players are given the choice whether or not to side with the ultimate evil. A bleak story is revealed on a traditional Game Over screen but with Mario in different gear.

1 Mass Effect 2

Commander Shepard can be a bit promiscuous. Throughout the trilogy, the player is given ample opportunity to romance their friends, and many players benefit from it. However, if the player fails to seduce one particular character, it does not conclude well.

Morinth will instruct the player that because they''ve died and returned, they will be immune to her condition that kills those with whom she is intimate. This, unfortunately, is false. A creepy romance scene, followed by a Game Over screen