The Risk Assessment Strategy for Line War is now available on the Securities and Exchange Commission

The Risk Assessment Strategy for Line War is now available on the Securities and Exchange Commission ...

The real-time strategy genre often sees significant change or attention from the gaming industry, but it was once one of the most popular genres in the PC market. Today, most RTS fans have to turn to titles such as Planetary Annihilation: Titans, which concentrate more on big battles than base building. But Line War is a brand new one that they should keep an eye on.

The classic base-building gameplay that RTS enthusiasts have expected, but it offers a major twist. The game is reminiscent of the RISK board games as players must capture areas to gain income to grow their military force. The player with the most zones becomes the most powerful and has a greater chance of victory. Line War is a whole new way to transport troops and construct units that really helps set it apart from other strategy games that are vying for attention.

What Exactly is Line War

Line War is a popular PvP multiplayer game, but the studio is working on adding AI and single-player to the line. The studio has just recently included the line war into a full release in hopes that it gets the attention of the RTS community. There are also new technologies, orbital warfare, and so on. There are many features that the studio has planned to transform Line War into a complete RTS game. At some point, it is hoped to see it there sometime.

The Line War game is now available in a 1v1 online setting. Players will randomly generate a map and select their starting regions before making the test. This means that players will have to reselect until they have both picked one one a few distance away from each other. However, the gameplay has made significant changes to its core RTS game.

What Makes Line War Unique

The biggest difference that Line War brings to the RTS genre is that players have to draw lines around the map and the units will move to those lines. These lines may range from simple paths they want their units to take, points they want units to gather at, or defensive positions that they want to break down. This also adds a bit of a challenge as players will continue to draw and remove lines as the battle progresses.

Line War does not include players constantly clicking on buildings to reclaim their abilities. The player will plop down several buildings and then those buildings will continue to churn out troops. The player has no control over how many units are built in the building, but they have no control over how many people are allowed to stand there. So the player will then either ascend to one of the lines that he had drawn.

Line War does not focus on income-based buildings, but rather on building power facilities. Instead, players will capture regions with their units, which will slowly generate income. This will stifle the game as players become more focused on spreading out their army rather than consolidating them around one base.

Line War has just been released from early access, but it might add a whole new touch to RTS gameplay. Studio Centurion is working on adding additional modes and elements to the game to make it as expansive as it may be; If RTS and RISK fans are looking for a fresh game to sink hours into, then Line War might be just what they need.

Line War is now available on PC.