How Dungeons and Dragons 6E Could Improve 5E's Barbarian Class

How Dungeons and Dragons 6E Could Improve 5E's Barbarian Class ...

There are a few key features to the current game, including a selection of combat intensive players. The Barbarian class and its features, are a must to begin with.

Barbarians face heavy health pools when faced with multiple attacks on their turns, making them a top asset in a Dungeons & Dragons party. This allows them to take on roles as a tank and the frontline DPS as well.

How Dungeons & Dragons Solves the Barbarian Now

The key to achieving a balance on a Barbarian is their use of the rage feature, which can both make attacks more severe and protect the character from certain kinds of damage. It allows the Barbarian to escape into the middle of a battle against Dungeons & Dragons'' strongest creatures and survive a volley of strikes while also killing everything in front. However, movement is limited, and this rage cannot be maintained forever without causing lasting damage to the character that requires rests between bouts of combat.

There are also a number of abilities to increase rage to the 20th level, including Reckless Attack and Fast Movement, which puts the Barbarian at an additional risk of being hit in order to maneuver and attack effectively in combat. However, these characters are often at constant risk of receiving a certain amount of damage in each round. Considering that damage can also help a Barbarian maintain their rage, it also has an advantage for maintaining the character''s defenses up.

Improving the Barbarian Outside of Rage

Although the balances extend beyond just a wall of muscle that defeats enemies, combat is certainly a correct way to proceed. This means that the second initiative is rolled, and the Barbarian starts their turn immediately, the first thing any player is going to do is jump into rage. Even if the balances are limited, there are no advantages gained from entering this particular state in any D&D combat encounter.

The best way that Wizards of the Coast can use to balance Barbarians in Dungeons & Dragons 6E is to offer more advanced combat options, specifically by sacrificing the ability to do damage in order to improve defenses. In this case, a Barbarian keeping his mind clear might help them to better dodge and block attacks, while keeping them in line longer without needing to be healed.

A Balanced Self-Heal For 6E Barbarians

One thing that makes party composition so difficult is making sure there''s always someone in any party who wants to take on a class such as Cleric or Paladin that can heal the party. While there are a number of classes that have access to some sort of heal outside the main "healer" spellcasters, physical combat fighters are often left with relying on other sources such as potions and help. However, there is a way that Barbarians may be given the freedom to self-heal,

Supposedly, Barbarians would be able to use an action to recover a portion of their health since their last turn. Rather, they might stay in the fight longer, eating up attacks while the rest of their party continues to fight. At early levels, this would be the case for a Barbarian to be hit, and the damage resistances that go with it, but at the 15th level they may maintain this going even if a round goes without them getting hit. This would make this class more recept

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