Pokemon Legends: Arceus' Displaced Characters Could Be Learned In Control 2

Pokemon Legends: Arceus' Displaced Characters Could Be Learned In Control 2 ...

Control 2 might broaden the supernatural knowledge of the first game in a variety of ways. For example, the Oldest House might gain a number of new Thresholds that allow all kinds of supernatural creatures to enter the Bureau, whether it''s more resonance-based threats like the Hiss or physical but horrifying being like the Mold. However, it would make sense if the Control sequel threw a lot of dangerous new entities at her. At the same time, Control 2 might benefit from using the human experience of the

Control isn''t the only game in which people feel different dimensions and traveling across reality these days. Remedy offers a variety of supernatural experiences, but it focuses mostly on people who are familiar with the paranatural in some way, rather than just learning about it. Control 2 might allow for a variety of interesting stories by introducing Jesse to character newly adapting to a mysterious change in their lives, like the protagonist and Ingo.

Control''''s Familiarity With the Unknown

The vast majority of characters that Jesse encounters in Control are capable of encountering the paranatural to some degree. Thats why, for instance, the entire game takes place inside the Bureau headquarters, where Bureau staff have spent decades grappling with mysteries. Despite this, it''s strange how even Control''s notable Bureau outsiders have some level of familiarity with the paranatural. Jesse is often shocked by other words when he appears in a Control DLC.

Control will diversify its cast by introducing some newcomers, whether they''re Bureau employees or victims of paranatural events. Pokemon Legends: Arceus provides some good examples of how to do this. On the one hand, Ingo excels in the face of great changes, but generally does not seek answers for why he was stuck in Hisui in the first place. Both of these methods of combating the supernatural might be adapted to be desired.

Control Could Use Some Outsiders

Control 2 might be interesting if it entails a broader range of perspectives on how to respond to the supernatural. For example, while Jesse is a Pokemon Legends: Arceus character, she has already been aware of the paranatural for years before the game. Control 2 might entail a character who manifests empathy with the Bureau after a paranatural experience, but avoids learning much about the bureau''s work out of fear.

Control''s central narrative is strong because it tells an intimate story about Jesse''s perspective on reality and her relationships with Polaris and Dylan. Instead, Control 2 should focus on Jesse''s horizons by surrounding her with characters who have previously encountered the paranormal and are attempting to adapt to it in a variety of ways. Pokemon Legends: Arceus may also assist.

Control 2 is in development.