7 Beginner Tips for Rogue Lords

7 Beginner Tips for Rogue Lords ...

Rogue Lords is a uber-challenging and downright spooky roguelite game where players must guide the devil and his demons across a dark fantasy medieval world while trying to eradicate the Sanctua Lumen and the demon hunters. Taking control of Dracula, Bloody Mary, the Headless Horseman, and a slew of other evil baddies, players must outwith opponents in turn-based battle and narrative events.

To say Rogue Lords is a complex game would be a disappointment, given that the entire section may include a new chapter. Roguelite enthusiasts will truly be tested in this frightening tale, but they should not be concerned because there are other things to know before it becomes more digestible. The devil and his minions are prepared to flee the land to spread their evil reign.

7 Patience Is Everything In This Game

Rogue Lords is one of those games that demands patience, persistence, and a little bit of risk-taking. As an example, the game''s tutorial can take up to 45 minutes to an hour, assuming a certain key in the game. However, taking in each gameplay mechanic during the tutorial is crucial in order to get the most out of this game.

Because this game is a roguelite, patience becomes more critical since you will lose and must start over tens of times. Simply put, take time to master each aspect of gameplay from the underlying skill, the devil essence ability, the turn-based battle, the story skits, and any other area of gameplay.

6 Get To Know Each Party Member Thoroughly

Three of the main starting villains in Rogue Lords are Dracula, the Headless Horseman, and Bloody Mary. Throughout the adventure, other playingable characters such as Lilith, Dr. Frankenstein, his monster, and the White Lady can all be unlocked. It''s good to get a grasp of each of their strengths and weaknesses.

The best way to get to know each party member is through the Devil''s Lair area. This huge area of sorts has a "bulletin board" where players may be able to see each villain''s abilities, attacks, abilities, and overall lore in the game world. A simple approach to the fight will also put their battle to the test.

5 Various Map Points of Interest in the Classroom

In the game map of Rogue Lords, players are guided along a few randomly generated paths. Each route will offer something completely different in terms of gameplay. Luckily, there is a handy map legend that indicates what icon is for.

Regular battles, elite battles, River Styx shrines, Grim Reaper locations, random event locations, story beats, and chapter complete areas are just a few of the points of interest. This includes a terror gauge or a demon hunter status, both of which may aide or hinder our evil villains.

4 The Turn-Based Battles Are Tough

Battles in Rogue Lords are completely turn-based and will likely impress fans of Slay the Spire or Darkest Dungeon. These turn-based battles are brutally tough and require a lot of strategy and tactical thinking. Battles are divided into action points where each villain may use a specific skill, attack, buff, debuff, or ability depending on the amount of action points that are still available at the bottom of the screen as red, glowing dots.

It''s also vital to keep track of opponents'' statuses, health pool (the red bar), spirit pool (the purple bar) and other factors they have potentially activated. Take a moment to get used to battle''s rhythm to hopefully come out on top.

3 Diabolical Essense To Cheat The System

The game''s most unique feature is that you can cheat. Here in the diabolical essence system, players are encouraged to refill their health or spirit, reset the cooldown on a skill, and even remove status symptoms.

This is a system that has really not been described before and it also aids in repurposing the roguelite and turn-based approach here. It may also be used to create a demonic portal on the overworld map to avoid specific game events or status implications. In order to refill essence, players must go to a River Styx Shrine.

2 Sacrifice Underutilized Skills

Many villainous abilities and abilities are found in Rogue Lords, as well as unlocking through rewards tracks upon leveling up. Some abilities provide attacks, while others provide buffs and debuffs to name a few examples. Regardless of a player''s preferred method of playing, many skills may not be customized for certain battles. Fortunately, any skill can be sacrificed at a sacred shrine.

During exploration of the overworld, visitors can sacrifice one skill on the altar. In return, players can then select from three new skills to add to their arsenal. Always keep an eye on the other''s coveted skill.

1 The Grim Reaper Awaits

During exploration, players may encounter the Grim Reaper across the floor. He is a friend rather than a foe. He acts as a shopkeeper where players can acquire new abilities, upgrade certain abilities, or obtain new, powerful relics. Relics, in particular, are the most effective passive items in the game because they provide excellent buffs.

Souls are generally obtained through successful battles, certain story skit world events, and by random nature. Be sure to save enough to get some of the best skills and relics from the start.