The Los Angeles Chargers are getting a full anime before the next NFL season

The Los Angeles Chargers are getting a full anime before the next NFL season ...

NFL teams are gearing up once more for another intense preseason training camp. However, the Los Angeles Chargers have taken preparations to the next level with a stunning anime teaser that promises an exciting schedule for their 2022 season.

The Chargers lost the playoffs last year, finishing the 2021 NFL season with a 9-8 record. However, even those who are not into football can enjoy the anime adaptation they have put together this year, which, judging from the sheer amount of references, might have struck a mark beyond the Chargers'' usual group of fans.

The art style chosen for it is very bright and vivid, perfect for any great sports anime. However, it''s the amount of creativity required to make everything fit in perfectly with the Chargers'' motifs that make it click. Take the One Piece Las Vegas Raiders (whom the Chargers will be facing on their season opener on September 11), the Gundam-inspired showdown vs. the Kansas City Chiefs and their Patrick Mahomes mech, or the Tennessee Titans literally being paired with Attack On Titan

The Chargers'' main characters include quarterback Justin Herbert, cornerback J.C. Jackson, and top-rated Madden 22 linebacker Joey Bosa. If the Chargers defeat the San Francisco 49ers come week 10, it''s the sight of head coach Brandon Staley punching Andy Reid inside their quarterback mechs, or the Los Angeles Dodgers losing their draft picks. There''s a little something for everyone.

NFL teams continue to bridge the divide with industries such as gaming, far beyond the yearly release of a new Madden game. For example, Dr. Disrespect recently announced the 49ers'' third-round pick. After all, Tom Brady''s career is already enthralled with enough drama and victories for his own anime arc.