Horizon Zero Dawn is depicted as a PS1 game in this awesome video

Horizon Zero Dawn is depicted as a PS1 game in this awesome video ...

Demakes for video games have become increasingly popular in recent years, and now Horizon Zero Dawn has been given this treatment. A new video demonstrates what the game would look like if it wasn''t a technical marvel that was released on the PS4, as the demake in question reintroduces Horizon Zero Dawn to the PS1.

This could result in a significant visual change, as Horizon Zero Dawn was arguably one of the most visually stunning games ever created when it was released in 2017. While it has since been outdone by its sequel, Horizon Forbidden West, Guerrilla Games provided a breathtaking world with a wide variety of possibilities to explore. From foliage to character models, everything was stunning, with the machines all looking fantastic. All of this was possible due to the Decima engine and how far technology has come in the past few decades.

ZeoNyph, a Reddit user, has produced a Horizon Zero Dawn remake on the official Horizon subreddit. The video features the old school Sony Computer Entertainment logo and the iconic PS1 logo. From there, gamers experience a menu screen with some old wind and environments, with the player then hitting an appropriate start to enter the game. A nice touch sees a Frozen Wilds option listed.

A deliberately bloated version of Aloy can be seen standing by a fire that moves in a charmingly old school way. After walking towards a large wooden structure, she rises onto a very clear handhold and pulls herself up to the top of the cliff. However, a Watcher quickly approaches, with its light turning red, and an ominous noise being heard. Instead of engaging in a fight, Aloy is forced to die after receiving a "you died" screen.

Redditors have been surprised by this PS1 Aloy clip in action, with the post receiving over 6,800 upvotes and tons of positive reactions. ZeoNyph''s all models and textures were sculpted by Blender, which showed a strong sense of devotion from the Reddit user. This clip, according to YouTube, was intentionally given a resolution of 320x240 for authenticity.

Horizon Zero Dawn for PC and PS4 is fantastic, but it is a lot of fun to see what a far older version would be able to envision. While an open world might not be possible, the unique premise and machine enemies might have been enough to help the game succeed 20+ years ago.

Horizon Zero Dawn is now available on PC and PS4.