What Makes Paddington 2 such an endearing film?

What Makes Paddington 2 such an endearing film? ...

Most people are going to give wildly different answers based on their own personal preferences. Though something that works for one person might not be a romance, one person might prefer an action movie if asked the same question. However, there appears to be one film that is almost universally agreed upon to be one of the best no matter one''s particular tastes, and that is Paddington 2.

This film has been quite popular and achieved the much-coveted 100% on Rotten Tomatoes at one point, averaging Citizen Kane for the most widely-liked film of all time. So what exactly is it about this film, which features an anthropomorphic bear who has so much engaged audiences everywhere? What is the power behind the film''s popularity and recognition?

The first Paddington was particularly popular, but the sequel was one of those rare instances in which the follow-up film is better than the original. While both movies have a different tone and the same gentleness, there''s a little bit about Paddington 2 that made all of the good things so that it almost instantly became a lot of people''s comfort movie, and that is certainly a great experience to watch when someone feels down and/or needs to be reminded of the good that continues in the world.

The performers from the main cast are fantastic, especially Ben Whishaw as Paddington''s voice. All performances are genuinely positive, although many might prefer them to film for adults. Rather, everyone is completely dialed in to their roles, even when their character is somewhat divisive, like Hugh Grant as Phoenix Buchanan. This helps to elevate the film in a certain way, and it''s also so fun to watch a movie when you can tell.

One of the main themes of Paddington 2 is that the whole neighborhood doesn''t function in quite the same way when Paddington isn''t there, and that''s how it becomes clear what kind of impact he''s had on those around him, bringing them joy and community they might hadn''t previously experienced. In a way, this film is all about the importance of community, and how connecting with the other prisoners just makes life easier. In a way, Paddington uses the same experience to develop the best abilities in them

Paddington''s main character traits are that he solidifies in and brings out the greatest in others. He does not see other prisoners as a group of irredeemable criminals, he sees human beings with special abilities that should be valued equally as much as anyone else. He does not see the other prisoners as a group of irredeemable individuals, but believes in everyone''s great worth, too, because it makes him very trusting of those who do harm, but seeing him interact with the world around him makes the audience

Many films and TV shows are cynical and sarcastic, but the Paddington movies offer a genuine sincerity that stands out and sticks with viewers. There are still plenty of humorous moments, but they are not at the expense of anyone else, or punching down in any way. The films also appeal to everyone who just wants to see others being pleasant to each other and witness a more utopian world.

Paddington expresses gratitude and connection to good people as he passes away while his aunt is sick. It''s also important to remember that whatever you are feeling in life, and that he always strives to be positive. It''s okay to feel gratitude - even bad ones - often.

Although Paddington 2 is great, it''s a fantastic mix of good people being kind to each other and the world despite a hostility, and it offers a refreshing dose of positivity, even in a certain situation. It''s very straightforward to see anyone who dislikes the text, because it is universally appealing and can be enjoyed even by those who never thought they would. If Hollywood would only produce more Paddington movies, then we''d all be better off.