Lord Voldemort's 10 Things About Harry Potter The Books Have Changed

Lord Voldemort's 10 Things About Harry Potter The Books Have Changed ...

Every hero requires a good villain and Harry Potter has one of the best. At least when it comes to fantasy genre, Tom Marvolo Riddle is easily one of the most famous antagonists of all time. Despite his fame, there are a number of things about Voldemort that got lost in translation or changed when the Harry Potter book series was adapted into movies.

Some of the changes were somewhat unexpected, such as Voldemort''s appearance, while others altered his character as well as his complicated backstory. Generally speaking, the movies, regardless how much space they give to Voldemort, only reveal a fraction of what they want to know. So if any Harry Potter fan wants to see the whole picture, they must turn to the books, especially if Voldemort is their favorite character.

Ritwik Mitra''s Update on May 14, 2022: Harry Potter is one of the most popular fantasy books and movies ever. In their own right, Harry and his friends journey through the dark Lord Voldemort, a fascinating story that is filled with twists and turns.

Although The Dark Lord himself is a great entertainer, his character from the books might deviate quite a bit from his portrayal in the movies. Both versions of Voldemort are quite engaging in their own right, with the major differences in the movie variant being highlighted below.

10 He Doesn''t Feel Like Tom Riddled

Voldemort is a person who excels in pure-bloodedness among wizards over anything other. Rather, he is very passionate about pureblood in the veins of every wizard so that he may erase his own history as soon as he discovered his ancestors had messed around with Muggles!

During the final battle, Harry taunts Voldemort by refusing to include him by his real name. Instead, he enrages Voldemort to no end. He constantly advises Harry to cut it out before unleashing a slew of attacks that would spell the end of his terrible reign.

While fighting, Harry and Voldemort never flee around villains.

The final battle between Voldemort and Harry sees several changes between both channels. The films decided to make this battle even more cinematic, which ended up receiving a mixed impression from fans.

Instead of a simple yet wacky battle in the Great Hall, Harry and Voldemort travel around Hogwarts Castle, almost melting into each other at one point! It''s a pretty bizarre moment, although it lends to the epic nature of this final confrontation between the two rivals.

8 He Killed Quirrell, Not Harry

For the first time, Lord Voldemort was shown, with Quirrell in the back of his head, after a lengthy speech. But Quirrell attempts to take Harry''s Stone from her by force, only to realize that Lily''s protection is still so powerful that Quirrell''s fingers burn up.

Harry uses this power to cut Quirrell to a crisp. In the movies, however, Voldemort is so dissatisfied with Quirrell''s inability to leave his host''s body and leave him to die.

7 No Speech To His Death Eaters

In the fourth book, Voldemort addresses his Death Eaters, who gather at the cemetery and talk about many things, including his previous existence as a shadow, and how close he came to dying.

This speech does not happen in the movie, but Voldemort briefly talks to his Death Eaters before he restarts Harry again and starts torment him. Although it does not hamper the movie''s pace, including Voldemort''s speech in the film would have allowed the audience to better understand his character.

6 Voldemort''''s Backstory Is Missing

Harry''s sixth book includes only one part of Voldemort''s history, which is limited to any of it, and the audience only gets to see Voldemort interact with Dumbledore in the orphanage and with Slughorn at Hogwarts.

The stories about Voldemort''s mother and how he never had to have been born would be easier for the audience to understand where Voldemort''s displeasure for all muggles came from.

Professors are being harmed by 5 Voldemorts.

Voldemort takes on Harry in a duel in the final fight for Hogwarts. It''s not the only battle that Voldemort encounters in the books.

Voldemort infiltrates Hogwarts with his Death Eaters in a wacky encounter with three other people - Horace Slughorn, Minerva McGonagall, and Kingsley Shacklebolt. While McGonagall did have some exceptional moments in the series, taking on Voldemort would make all three characters look even more like the powerful wizards they are.

4 Voldemort''''s Death Is More Cinematic

Voldemort meets his goal inside Hogwarts in the Great Hall. Harry defeats Voldemort while his classmates and friends look on. It''s a difficult moment for everyone who understands the process before and Voldemort will no longer be haunted by his corpses.

Voldemort gets a more cinematic death, which has been dubbed unnecessary by a large segment of the fanbase. He and Harry fight in the courtyard, but that''s where Voldemort vanishes into thin air after his own killing curse takes his life. It doesn''t give the students and professors the joy of seeing the evil wizard who fought them finally die a normal, human death.

3 Voldemort Looks Different

Although it might be difficult to believe, the book version of Voldemort is even more frightening than the movie version, however, it is also attractive. Voldemort''s nose is also almost non-existent, unlike in movies where he has quite a few flaws.

The red eyes and the snake-like nose highlight how much Voldemort changed, how uninquitable he became durant his quest for immortality, and his toying with dark magic.

2 Young Voldemort Is Already Too Scary

One of the difficulties with Voldemort''s characterization is that while he was studying at Hogwarts, he was not only an already powerful wizard, but he was also charismatic and popular. The sixth film''s resemblances a somewhat quiet and disturbing person, notably a peculiar demeanor.

If he behaved like this, it''s hard to believe that nobody would suspect him of anything. In the second film, Tom Riddle''s seemingly charmable character is much closer to the books than his recent version from The Half-Blood Prince.

1 Voldemort And Harry Are Related

This revelation does not come as such of a surprise, because most pure-blooded wizards are linked to a certain degree. Voldemort and Harry have a common ancestry, but it is never discussed in the films.

Ignotus Peverell, Harry''s ancestor, invented the invisibility cloak, and Voldemort''s ancestor is Cadmus, according to reports. While Voldemort''s behavior is very unlikely in the movies, it''s an interesting twist.