One Piece: The Worst Generation's Known Devil Fruits, Ranked By Strength

One Piece: The Worst Generation's Known Devil Fruits, Ranked By Strength ...

There are countless pirates in One Piece, but only a few are considered powerful. The Worst Generation is a group of powerful pirates who sat on the Sabaody Archipelago. The group is packed with exceptionally talented members who will likely replace the previous leaders. The group includes twelve members: Luffy, Kid, Law, Urouge, Capone Bege, Bonney, Blackbeard, Killer, Hawkins, Zoro, Apoo, and X-Drake

All twelve of them are strong fighters, and most of them are armed with powerful devil fruits. Of course, not every devil fruit in One Piece has the same level of power that some are stronger than others. So, who has the most powerful devil fruit in the Worst Generation?

Suzail Ahmad''s members have been very involved in the Wano Country arc since May 13, 2022. There is no doubt that their devil fruits have proven to be invaluable. So, we have added the biggest feat of each member of the Worst Generation, which they have accomplished with the help of their devil fruit.

10 Apoo: Oto Oto no Mi

The Oto Oto no Mi is a paramecia-style devil fruit that belongs to Scratchmen Apoo. This unique devil fruit transforms parts of the user''s body into musical instruments. These instruments then give the user an opportunity to alter the sound, which can result in physical occurrences, such as punches or more severe attacks.

It''s one of the most spectacular devil fruit abilities in One Piece; however, it''s among the Worst Generation. The devil fruit is useless if the opponent cannot hear the music or if Apoo is unable to see his opponent, making it difficult to use effectively.

He does not like to face enemies head-on, but he is still a capable fighter. Apoo used his devil fruit ability to injure Luffy and Zoro in short succession, which is a good feat.

9 Capone Bege: Shiro Shiro no Mi

The Shiro Shiro no Mi, a paramecia-type devil fruit that was eaten by Capone Bege, turns the user''s body into a medieval structure, which is capable of storing other people and objects.

This ability may come in clutch at times, as it can protect individuals and items. However, any damage to the castle is reflected on the user. Due to the danger that comes with this fruit''s ability, it ranks near the bottom of the list.

Bege''s devil fruit enabled him to launch several hits from Big Mom, which isn''t an ordinary feat by any means, especially considering that Big Mom was capable to send Queen flying with her attacks.

8 X-Drake: Ryu Ryu no Mi, Model: Allosaurus

Model: Allosaurus is an ancient zoan type devil fruit, which was eaten by X-Drake. As an ancient zoan, the devil fruit has a lot more physical strength and maturity than an ordinary zoan-type devil fruit.

Ryu Ryu no Mi, Model: The Allosaurus allows Drake to transform into an Allosaurus and its hybrid at best. In his Allosaurus form, Drake can easily rip an opponent to shreds. It''s a powerful skill, but other evil fruits among the Worst Generation are stronger.

X-Drake has been one of the most famous figures in the battle on Onigashima. After his real journey became clear, Drake had to confront many enemies, including Apoo, other members of the Beasts Pirates, and an assassin of the CP0. With his devil fruits, he was able to stand up to the assassin from the CP0 and wound himself.

7 Urouge''''s Devil Fruit

Urouge, who is also known as "Mad Monk," is an unnamed devil fruit, which has the potential to endure physical damage. Any type of physical damage increases Urouge''s strength, making him a dangerous adversar.

This devil fruit has a significant drawback because it cannot alter the damage from logia abilities to strength. This means that a logia-type devil fruit user may easily damage Urouge in a fight. This disadvantage has resulted in this devil fruit being lower than other devil fruit abilities among the Worst Generation.

Biggest Accomplishment: Urouge''s screentime has been very limited in comparison to the rest of the Supernovas, but this hasn''t hindered him from achieving great things. During the Whole Cake Island arc, it was revealed that Urouge was able to defeat Charlotte Snack in a battle, and there is no doubt that Urouge''s devil fruit played a key role in the victory.

6 Basil Hawkins: Wara Wara no Mi

Basil Hawkins is one of the most powerful antagonists in the Wano Country arc. After being trampled by Eustass Kid, Hawkins became a headliner. He is a good fighter capable of using his devil fruit quite expertly.

The Wara Wara no Mi is a paramecia-like devil fruit that allows its user to create and manipulate straw at any time. Moreover, the devil fruit also allows its user to create straw dolls, which represent the lives of other people. These dolls are basically given several lives.

Hawkins defeated Killer in his final fight in the Wano Country arc, but many people supported Hawkins to win the battle, while Killer defeated the Headliner. Hawkins'' biggest feat would certainly be capturing Trafalgar Law.

5 Bonney''''s Devil Fruit

Bonney has a devil fruit known as the paramecia. Its effect allows Bonney to alter the age of people she touches. She can transform them either old or young, which allows them to be effective defenseless.

Bonney''s ability is extremely dangerous, as she can alter her own age to escape enemies and escape from an area. This has allowed Bonney to multiple times escape from the World Government, indicating that this ability may be useful in difficult situations.

Bonney has been on the run from the World Government for quite a while and her devil fruit has been crucial for her escape so far. When she was able to escape from the clutches of Akainu, the greatest thing she achieved with her devil fruit was when she was able to flee.

4 Kid: Jiki Jiki no Mi

Jiki Jiki no Mi is a paramecia-type devil fruit developed by Eustass Kid, who is the captain of the Kid Pirates. The devil fruit gives Kid the power to magnetism and gives him control over forces of attraction and repulsion.

Eustass Kid can transform any person into a magnet by using his devil fruit. This may be fatal as the person might be crushed to death by metallic objects. He has used this ability in many fights in the anime.

Eustass Kid fought Kaido in the Wano Country arc, but was unable to defeat him, but he fought an equally impressive opponent in Big Mom. While he was fighting the Yonko, Kid awakened his devil fruit, and he played a significant role in bringing down Big Mom.

3 Blackbeard: Yami Yami no Mi

Blackbeard, who is currently one of the Yonko, was fascinated by the devil fruit since he joined the Whitebeard Pirates, and he went so far as to kill his own crewmate to get his hands on the devil fruit.

The Yami Yami no Mi is a logia-style devil fruit that allows its user to nullify the powers of other devil fruits. However, the user is unable to make their body intangible, leaving them prone to taking damage.

Blackbeard''s greatest achievement arguably is defeating Ace, who was one of the best fighters in the Whitebeard Pirates.

2 Luffy: Gomu Gomu no Mi

Monkey D. Luffy, the captain of the Straw Hat Pirates, consumed the devil fruit accidentally when he was just a kid; therefore, Luffy needed quite a bit to learn how to use the devil fruit properly.

Luffy has used it to make the user''s body stretch, bounce, and resist blunt-force damage. However, the devil fruit would not be as impressive as it would be.

No one anticipated Luffy''s ordinary devil fruit to turn out to be a mythical zoan type. It was recently revealed that Luffy''s Gomu Gomu no Mi was actually Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Nika. After awakening the devil fruit, Luffy was able to sue Kaido for a while.

1 Law: Ope Ope no Mi

The Ope Ope no Mi is a paramecia-style devil fruit that was eaten by Trafalgar Law. It is also known as the "Ultimate Devil Fruit," because it is capable of giving eternal youth. It can only be performed on someone else, and it comes at the cost of the user''s life.

The user may create a "ROOM" and control everything in it. Law can slice a person into several pieces, which allows him to perform complicated medical surgery. Law may also switch places with objects inside the ROOM.

Trafalgar Law''s devil fruit was awakened in his fight against Big Mom. He was able to use the newly awakened devil fruit abilities to fight Big Mom. One of his devil fruit attacks, Puncture Willie, was able to create a huge crater near the Flower Capital and cause significant damage to someone as robust as Big Mom.