Characters from Grand Theft Auto that should return in GTA 6

Characters from Grand Theft Auto that should return in GTA 6 ...

Though Grand Theft Auto 5 was a success for many years, it honoured gamers with its intricate depiction of Los Santos and the level of freedom imposed by the game. However, in 2022, Rockstar confirmed that the company is still working on the next GTA game, assuming it was GTA 6.

As part of the GTA 6 expansion, Rockstar will begin expressing their desire to introduce new characters to the cast, as well as the possibility of returning some familiar fans. There are already several good choices the company might go with.

Franklin Clinton

GTA 5''s success has a variety of reasons, including that it revamped and offered new gameplay features for gamers to enjoy. At the start of the game, Franklin discovers an unknown character, despite being an unhinged psychotic.

Franklin is a witty and funny person who tries to go from rags to riches while while engaging in as much crime as the other protagonists. In many ways, Franklin may be the only one who has a genuine sense of humor, loyalty, and respect for others. In many ways, Franklin may be the main protagonist, given the choice.

Franklin, a millionaire and a family member, is a member of GTA: Online''s DLC. Franklin, who is the co-founder of a celebrity solutions business called F. Clinton and Partner, has been confirmed that Franklin achieved the happy ending he desperately wanted, and that he could leave his life of dreadful crime behind.

Franklin''s involvement in GTA 6 would be beneficial to gamers, but it may provide a basis to see how Franklin expands his empire across the United States or may become forced to start his life anew after experiencing some difficulties back home.

Lazlow Jones

Only a few actors have the opportunity to become regular members within GTA''s broad cast. Among those organizations, radio presenter Lazlow Jones has earned the honor of appearing in the most GTA games. He first appeared in GTA 3 where he serves as a presenter on Chatterbox FM. He has also become neurotic and perverted in the past.

Lazlow Jones is written and voiced by an American radio personality of the same name, who has co-written several of the GTA games. It''s thanks to his more large-than-life character and the way his horrific decline is documented, Lazlow has become an integral part of the GTA series. It''s possible that his return in GTA 6 will allow gamers to express his gratitude, as long as many years have passed and many modifications have come.


Claude is perhaps one of the most prominent characters in the GTA series. He is introduced in GTA 3 where he makes his escape from prison while being transported to prison, and he is easily recognizable with his green trousers and black jacket that instantly dates him as a bad boy of the early 2000s. Although he can hold a grudge for a long time, he may perform some heinous actions if it helps him.

Claude also performs in GTA: San Andreas where players can take him on in a race, and while Claude cannot be seen in GTA 4, Niko can wear his iconic outfit. GTA 6 may be an opportunity for Claude to return, allowing gamers to discover what happened to him. It may also unmute him and allow him to explain his silence, and players may discover whether Claude is a "snake without a tongue."

Rockstar might choose from several additional characters as long as GTA continues. If any rumors are true, Tommy Vercetti''s return would be an obvious choice. Whatever Rockstar makes, the character cast will have to be a knockout one, as gamers have been waiting for years, and GTA 5 has set expectations exceedingly high.

The next Grand Theft Auto title is in development.