Shroud's impressive Quick Scope Skills are shown in the Bloodhunt clip

Shroud's impressive Quick Scope Skills are shown in the Bloodhunt clip ...

The battle royale landscape is splintered with games that attempt to put their own signature on the genre. Despite the fact that most gamers have heard of stalwart titles like Fortnite or Call of Duty: Warzone, there are still other games in the battle royale market that should be looked at. For example, Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodhunt is among the most popular games in the world.

Bloodhunt, a free-to-play battle royale game conceived by Sharkmob, has a unique twist: gamers battle as vampires in Prague. Unlike Bloodhunt, there are a few vampire-specific abilities that can be used in combat. Recently, the former CS:GO pro demonstrated his skill in-game, revealing just how fun the gameplay is.

During a recent live stream, shroud was dangling in bloodhunt when he made an impressive run. In a clip uploaded to RememberYo, shroud was seen standing above one of the big buildings in the battle royale. No time, he attempted to fired more shots and hurt injured players in the process.

Though most fans of the popular Twitch streamer shroud may not be reminded of his abilities, this most recent clip of him playing Bloodhunt is also proof of his incredible abilities in shooting professionals. In just a few days, the Twitch clip had been viewed more than 58,000 times. In addition, others expressed concern about the possibility of gaining popularity in the future.

This is why a Twitch streamer has been known to switch games quite often, and it will be interesting to see how long he will last in Bloodhunt. Regardless, he is likely to dominate lobbies in Bloodhunt as long as he sticks with the game, and many fans will continue to watch as long as he does.

Bloodhunt, Vampire: The Masquerade, is now available for PS5 and PC.