Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: 10 Things They Should Keep From Pokemon Legends Arceus

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: 10 Things They Should Keep From Pokemon Legends Arceus ...

Very little information about the first installments of the Pokemon series'' ninth version, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. It''s clear that this game, which was completely different from the previous mainline Pokemon games, has been discovered. It''s conceivable that Scarlet & Violet will inherit a lot from Pokemon Legends Arceus.

Pokemon Legends Arceus, which was first released in 2022, finds players focusing on exploration and Pokedex research rather than battling. Scarlet & Violet will likely combine this game''s finest components with the standard gameplay of a Pokemon game. These ten other mechanics in Legends Arceus would likely return to the next generation.

10 A New Way To Catch Pokemon

Getting new creatures was as easy as pressing a button in previous mainline Pokemon games. Back then, the likelihood of getting a Pokemon was based on several factors, including probability and the target''s HP. However, Legends Arceus took a completely different direction when it came to acquiring new partners.

Players in Legends Arceus must actually aim their Poke Balls towards their desired Pokemon and hope it gets caught. Some Pokemon prefer to be strong enough to catch without battling, while others won''t go down without a fight. This makes starting a real wildlife adventure.

9 No Random Encounters

Legends Arceus is the first Pokemon game to rid off random Pokemon encounters. Ever since the very first Pokemon games on GameBoy, players had to trek through the widest areas to discover some of the rare Pokemon. However, Legends Arceus has all the catchable Pokemon that exist in the overworld, but it is also visible to the player.

The lack of random encounters is certainly reducing the process of finding new Pokemon to catch. It can also assist novices who grind quickly avoid Pokemon with type advantages. Tall grass may even preserve its ability from Legends Arceus as a way to hide while throwing Poke Balls at Pokemon.

8 Base Camps

In Pokemon Legends Arceus''s Monster Hunter game, the player''s base camp has the same advantage as previous Pokemon games. It''s great to have a wide range of areas to regroup.

Base Camps might make a return in Scarlet & Violet as an alternative version of Pokemon Centers. Players may also access their PC, recover their Pokemon''s health, and purchase new items. Scarlet & Violet may even tease a version of this mechanic in a building that resembles a gas station.

7 Fast Travel

One of the benefits of keeping Base Camps in Scarlet & Violet would be that they serve as fast-travel points. When you are exploring the vast areas of Hisui in Legends Arceus, players may lose. It''s also easy to get lost in quick-travel situations. The time it takes to get from point A to point B.

Scarlet & Violet is already proving to be a completely open world title. A number of previous Pokemon games have already included speed travel via Ride Pokemon or HM Fly. It makes sense that the games would include some sort of transportation mechanic to expedite travel time, although it might be more than cities and towns.

6 Ride Pokemon

Ride Pokemon has slammed previous mainline Pokemon games. Pokemon X & Y allowed players to ride Pokemon like Gogoat and Lapras under certain conditions. Sun & Moon advanced this technique by adding Pokemon that can aid players navigate certain terrains or access secret areas.

To keep this trend going, there was no Pokemon title until Legends Arceus. Given that this game features several open worlds, it makes sense that Ride Pokemon like Wyrdeer and Sneasler are intended to speed up the route of traversing terrain. In Scarlet & Violet, it makes sense for this trend to continue.

5 Optional Evolution

Oftentimes, evolution isn''t always preferred to players. Some prefer to gain momentum in lower-stage evolutions that hold Everstones. Occasionally, a Pokemon with different evolution paths may meet the needs of one of its evolved forms, thus giving the player the option to add the other evolved form to their team.

Legends Arceus provided a fairly simple solution to this problem: the possibility of evolution. Players may also trigger a Pokemon themselves via the menu. This quality-of-life feature would definitely appeal to those who desire more influence on their Pokemon''s ability to evolve or not.

4 Streamlined Evolution Conditions

The huge difference in Legends Arceus''s gameplay has a fad in certain Pokemon''s ability to evolve in a single way. Certain Pokemon must be traded to completely evolve, while others are dependent on the location or even how the system is held. Legends Arceus has facilitated some of the more complex evolve conditions.

While Scarlet & Violet is on the way, it''s difficult to believe that Game Freak will re-complicate some of these techniques. Some Pokemon may gain new rewards that don''t involve specific items or trading. For example, the evolution Tangela in Legends Arceus only requires the Pokemon to level up while learning Ancient Power.

3 Alpha Pokemon

The challenge of developing an open world Pokemon game is to add in replay value. During later chapters of the game, it can be difficult to explore early areas that don''t have big Pokemon to fight or catch. That is why Alpha Pokemon has a benefit, given its largeness and strength.

Being able to catch Alpha Pokemon in Legends Arceus is a unique skill. These extra-powerful Pokemon are even marked in menus to commemorate players'' achievements. Having them return for Scarlet & Violet would add a whole new level of post-game accomplishments.

2 Mass Outbreaks

Mass Outbreaks is an addition to Legends Arceus''s repertoire of different Pokemon species. While this area is a great place to farm battles and captures for the Pokedex, there is also a bonus.

In a Mass Outbreak, the chances of being Shiny are increasing. It''s even higher if players have completed Pokemon''s Pokedex entry and equipped an item called the Shiny Charm. This would be a great experience for shiny hunters.

1 Pokedex Research

The Pokedex, a Pokemon data source, is a component of Pokemon Legends Arceus'' main gameplay feature. Legends Arceus is increasing as players enlist the same Pokemon and complete their entries.

This activity is beneficial for post-game gamers, but it also strengthens friendship with Pokemon. Especially in newer games, it''s simple to find a Pokemon, catch it, and forget about it in a box. Hopefully Scarlet & Violet will use Pokedex research as an opportunity to encourage players to continue picking the game again.