Amanda Seyfried explains how girls negatively impacted her career

Amanda Seyfried explains how girls negatively impacted her career ...

Amanda Seyfried recently revealed how Mean Girls ended up negatively impacting her career, causing her to become pigeonholed at every turn when she wanted to further expand and advance within her career. Seyfried played Karen Smith, a member of the famous popular girl clique known as ''The Plastics.''

Although she was probably the most docile and sweeter member of the group, Smith fit the stereotypical dumb blonde trope to a tee. Mean Girls was actually based on Rosalind Wiseman''s Queen Bees and Wannabes self-help book, with the goal being to soar and combat teenage social cliques. Lindsay Lohan was also helmed by director Mark Waters. The film was released in 2004 and instantly received positive feedback from public and audience.

Mean Girls surpassed $130 million in funding, bringing in more than $17 million in funding. Despite the film''s rise, Seyfried found herself imprisoned by it. In a recent interview with Variety, Seyfried recalled how she spent time making Mean Girls, which reportedly became all-time a generational staple.

Although Seyfried recognized that Mean Girls provided help in her rise to stardom, she also stressed that there was another role that hindered her from being typecast. "Mean Girls got me on the map. It really got my foot in the door, but getting caught up was the thing you had to fight. "So at the beginning of my career, I had to be very careful to not just be "the pretty blonde."

Seyfried''s ''ditsy blonde'' is completely valid because of the fact that Mean Girls may have placed her in a box for several years in terms of how much she was offered, but eventually she would play Mamma Mia, the horror classic Jennifer''s Body, and David Fincher''s Mank, all for which she received both an Oscar and Golden Globe nomination. Fans can get the hang of Seyfried''s most recent work in the hit limited series The Dropout, which is now available on Hul

Mean Girls is now available on Paramount Plus.