The 11 Best King Of The Hill Episodes, Ranked

The 11 Best King Of The Hill Episodes, Ranked ...

There is a possibility that one of the most popular animated series to complete the 1990s will be made. Now that Mike Judge and Greg Daniels have established their own animation company, Bandera Entertainment, there is no news about Hank Hill and his neighbors, but the studio is working on several projects, including something related to the classic animated series.

There are still 13 seasons of King of the Hill to watch, with no less than 259 episodes to choose from. It''s difficult to pick out a few of the best, and it''s interesting to see how much the show has evolved since it was introduced in 1997, and how long it has remained unchanged.

Kristy Ambrose has updated the calendar for the first time: A new series involving Hank Hill and his coworkers is now streaming on Bandera Entertainment. That gives fans of the show a chance to catch up on some more classic episodes before the reboot hits our favorite streaming services. The vintage show has a lot of fans from previous seasons, as well as new viewers. We''ve added a few more of the best King of the Hill episodes to the list for everyone.

11 Season 1, "Keeping Up With Our Jonses"

When Hank decides to teach Bobby a lesson on smoking, good intentions come true, especially when it comes to raising children. That''s what happens when Hank decides to give him a lesson about smoking and becomes addicted himself.

Unlike Hank and Peggy, the whole family enjoys smoking again. Luann saves Ladybird the dog from eating her organic cosmetics. It''s one of the finest and funniest King of the Hill episodes, but also because of the satire and the terrible reality of nicotine addiction.

10 Season 6, "Bobby Goes Nuts"

Bobby is getting pushed around at school, and Hank concludes that he needs a boost in his self-confidence. Of course, a kid who gets bullied at school would benefit from a few self-defense courses. What might happen?

A moment of insecurity leaves Bobby in a self-defense course designed specifically for women, and take a second look at the episode''s title. However, the pendulum swings back, and Bobby begins to take his newfound power too seriously. He''s finally checked by the bane of every pre-adolescent child, his mother.

9 Season 1, "Shins Of The Father"

This episode of Old Man Cotton starts with a nice laugh, with Bobby adressing a letter to his grandfather Cotton with the city as "Hell" because Peggy informed him that her father-in-law was the Devil. Previously, Old Man Cotton had only appeared in a few of Hank''s harsh childhood flashbacks, but this was the first episode in which the character appeared.

Cotton passes on Bobby''s birthday, but given Peggy''s feeling about him, he likely wouldn''t be welcome for any other reason.

Season 2 of 8: "How to Build a Rifle Without Really Trying"

This is one of the best King of the Hill episodes in which Bobby and Hank are attempting to bond in some way, this time through the magic of firearms. While their attempts aren''t exactly a satisfying success, they do well.

Bobby is a crack shoot and Hank cannot smash the broad side of a barn, which would not be an issue except that Hank wants to enter a father-son competition with Bobby and that he cannot let his son down. It''s not just a lack of skill that''s the problem, but a difficult childhood experience that Hank has to overcome.

7 Season 2, "Hanks Dirty Laundry"

This episode of this episode is a reminder of a period when physical video rentals were a thing. It appears straightforward, but it was astonishing how quickly renting a simple VHS for the weekend would have disastrous future consequences.

Hank discovers that his credit rating is at an all-time low, and the culprit is an overdue account at a local video rental store. When it''s revealed the tape in question was pornography, Hank cracks down and starts his own personal protest, but things do not matter.

6 Season 5, "Ho Yeah!"

The title is a somewhat different representation of Peggy''s catchphrase, but in the context of this very special episode, it has a slightly different connotation. Tammi requires a place to live, and her friend Peggy offers her a place in her own house. When several gentleman callers arrive, Tammi is recognized as a prostitute.

Hank and Peggy stand up for Tammi rather than judge her. Rather, Hank and Peggy demonstrate how aggressive he is when he catch on quickly and comes up with a strategy to keep Tammi from a predatory trapping.

5 Season 4, "A Beer Can Named Desire"

The setting for this episode is New Orleans, hence the title, but it''s not high art that brings the Hills to Louisiana. Luanne discovers she''ll take a beer from Hank''s fridge, and Hank takes the winning can because she''s underage and wouldn''t be able to claim the prize.

What follows is a series of experiments for Hank as he learns how to throw a football through a huge novelty beer can, which he''ll have to do at a televised football game in New Orleans. In the meantime, Hank''s eccentric cousins are staying with him, and Bobby is picking up the foppish habits of a proper southern gentleman.

4 Season 2, "Jumpin'''' Crack Bass"

Hank Hill, the main character, is evidently not stupid, although he is a genius compared to Dale. However, he appears to misunderstand the obvious once in a while, and the results are hilarious.

In this episode, the boys have taken up fishing. Ray, the owner of the bait shop, advises Hank to get some bait from a local supplier, which he accepts. The catch? Hank is using crack cocaine as bait. Although, it works extremely well, which is the problem.

3 Season 1, "Square Peg"

It''s strange to think of sex-ed as a controversial topic, but here we are, and little has changed since this episode was launched in 1997. It was the first episode of the series, and it was so good that it guaranteed the show would continue well into the future.

It''s one of the most powerful and funniest King of the Hill episodes, because parents, kids, and teachers can all relate to Peggy and her relatives when it comes to a wide variety of challenges all related to this touchy subject. Peggy and her peers also take a closer look at what they learned when they were young, confirming her desire to teach the school''s sexual-ed class.

2 Season 5, "I Don''''t Wanna Wait..."

Bobby has some of the best King of the Hill episodes, mainly because they are the most relatable. Everyone remembers some of the most annoying childhood moments, and that''s what this episode is about.

Our hero returns from the summer vacation feeling good about his personal development, but his sadness is felt when he sees his friend Joseph, who has grown about a foot taller, and who is wearing a mustache. However, it turns out that Joseph is deeply envious of Bobby''s self-confidence and intelligence. However, it''s easy to see who has the advantage in the long term. Who says that boy is wrong?

1 Season 13, "To Sirloin With Love"

The final episode of season 13 but the whole series, "To Sirloin With Love," deserves some praise for being the best episode ever. The storyline itself might be cliched if it reacted to the usual sports or musical talent, but this storyline is rather about the difficult and impreciseful world of grading beef cuts.

When it comes to ruthless competition, corruption, and rooting for the underdog, there''s some clever satire here. However, the real joy part is that after 13 years, Hank and Bobby may finally connect over their mutual love of the grill.