Goro Majima is replaced by the Sifu Mod

Goro Majima is replaced by the Sifu Mod ...

The Kung Fu brawler Sifu was able to take on the stage in the game''s early trailers, which was packed with speedy hand-to-hand combat that we all anticipated. Several of the mods, some of which go so far to replace the main character, gave the game a completely different outlook than the developers anticipated. One such example is a recent mod that allows players to recreate the fight between Neo and Agent Smith in The Matrix: Reloaded.

So far, the main character of Sifu has been replaced by another character, and Yakuza fans will certainly want to check this one out. It now allows anyone to use Nexus Mods, and this model of Majima can even open his mouth to speak. It''s also a clever little bit of software that reminds us of Majima''s prime.

TheMedineer has added the Majima Moveset (Thug And Slugger) mod to your Yakuza games, but it is possible that breaking out into a game like Sifu would be difficult, but you''ll still be able to crack skulls with baseball bats to your heart''s delight.

If this mod allows you to try out Sifu but you''re at a loss due to the difficulty, then you may be pleased to hear that a recent update has added difficulty options to the game. You may now either set the game to Student difficulty, allowing yourself more health, and having you age slower, or challenge yourself with Master difficulty, increasing the damage enemy''s deal.

Sifu is now available on PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.