If you like the Stanley Parable, here are 8 games to play

If you like the Stanley Parable, here are 8 games to play ...

The Stanley Parable is a game about pondering the nature of choices and storytelling itself. It always pokes fun at both itself and you as the player. It truly is a one-of-a-kind game, although there are no others like it, and very few have even attempted to recreate it.

If you like The Stanley Parable, then there are a few titles to try. Titles that include meta storytelling, choices that impact the entire experience, and great senses of humor. No game can capture everything that makes The Stanley Parable unique, but there are some that match the same attributes.

8 Jazzpunk

Very few other games can depict the zaniness and almost surreal form of storytelling that The Stanley Parable has. Jazzpunk is one of these games. Every second of this game is equal parts comedy adventure, spy espionage thriller, and absolute chaos.

It''s an experience you''ll want to play through multiple times in order to see all of the little details you missed the first time, as well as just laugh at all the great humor all over again.

7 Until Dawn

The similarities between Until Dawn and The Stanley Parable typically start and stop at the game''s branching narrative pathways. But there''s nothing wrong with that. If you liked The Stanley Parable''s ability to alter the story through even small choices, then Until Dawn might be the game for you.

Even suggestions you think may not matter in the future may have a significant impact as you attempt to eliminate the use of every character, or perhaps just the ones you like.

6 Psychonauts

Psychonauts is a modern platforming classic. Both the original and the sequel to the game do so many things with the creative and mind-bending concept. Both games are well-rounded.

If you liked all of The Stanley Parable''s jokes, but want something to do with it rather than just walk around, then Psychonauts may be for you. It does not win at itself quite as much as The Stanley Parable does, but that''s certainly not to its advantage.

5 Detroit: Become Human

Detroit: Become Human is a game for anyone who loved The Stanley Parable''s ability to write the narrative around the player''s choices, and you can make these choices for three distinct characters, all androids who live in Detroit.

Detroit: Become Human, a dystopian mystery thriller, is like playing your way through an episode of Black Mirror (Before Black Mirror did something similar with Bandersnatch).

4 Everybody''''s Gone To The Rapture

The Stanley Parable is channeled mostly in the "visual novel" style. If you want more games that perform better than a film that you step through in the first person, then Everybody''s Gone To The Rapture may be for you.

It''s certainly not a comedy, except maybe in an antiquated language that''s more akin to "tragedy." You''ll stroll into a small English village, seeing the drama and lives of the residents that ended up culminating in one large event.

3 Firewatch

Firewatch integrates the visual novel (Sometimes called "walking simulator") into a more humorful tone.

Firewatch might be classified as a thriller, causing you to feel that you''re not truly alone while simultaneously isolated, causing the game to spine-chilling at various times. Ultimately, it''s a unique personal story that takes place in a stunning setting that will allow you to discover Wyoming yourself.

2 Tales From The Borderlands

Tales From The Borderlands has a slew of fantastic qualities that are found throughout The Stanley Parable. From the witty dialogue to the choice-based narrative, each choice has its own unique appeal.

And, as you may haveguessed from the name, the game wraps all of this within the Borderlands region. It''s an interesting story for players who are passionately invested in the Borderlands series and desire a more deep dive into history.

1 Life Is Strange

Life Is Strange is a one-of-a-kind visual novel-type game that once had two teenage girls in a small town, combined with some interesting time-travel charm, made this game a special experience that many encountered.

It''s one of those games in which the majority of your choices don''t matter as much as the game might desire. However, the story is true on its own that the illusion of choice is possible.