I'm not sure what will bring me back to Marvel's Avengers anytime soon

I'm not sure what will bring me back to Marvel's Avengers anytime soon ...

Despite Square Enix''s announcement too early and its backlash toward its character designs ahead of its launch, back in 2020, I was very happy about the possibility of an Avengers game. In fairness, I was one of those million people who would be hyped for a colonoscopy if it was Marvel-branded. Then again, I did finally bite the bullet and went to Morbius this past weekend and an invasive procedure would have been a better way to spend my evening.

Marvel''s Avengers is a video game in which you take on the role of the world''s most powerful villains, and potentially alongside other Marvel fans across the globe. It''s fine, though, for a game of this magnitude that had much hype behind it. The main issue is what happened before. Battle in War Zones, complete HARM room training for every hero, and explore the game''s world.

The problem is that the world is fairly barren and uninspired, HARM training gets real old real fast, and that I had a quick Google search to remind me what War Zones were even called should explain how many of them I''ve been through recently. In fact, my lack of time spent in Avengers recently has the effect of ignoring the grind. Despite that, I was shocked to discover that I had no interest in grinding and leveling up my characters, and that the only thing that brought me back was the addition of a

I got back to the game when it was pulled back in, and the ending on a cliffhanger was fantastic. There''s still a lot of difficulty to do. I forgot about the game once more until Square revealed that Avengers'' next hero would be Black Panther. I''ve never met Marvel''s Avengers with this one of those things.

If a new hero joins the fight, you can use Square and Crystal Dynamics in the game, which means that since the game was only played, Spider-Man has swung into the game. It''s true that without additional story content, even the arrival of Spider-Man couldn''t get me to play Avengers again, and now I fear there''s no bringing me back.

Jane Foster has been revealed as the next hero to join the virtual Avengers'' crew, confirming that the game is not dead yet. At this point, I''m very thankful for Thor Love and Thunder, and I totally applaud Square for finally confirming that the DLC will work together with what''s going on in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Even though Avengers is certainly a live service game, it almost feels wrong to keep giving it that designation.

When it comes to new characters, Square and Crystal Dynamics presumably have the entire Marvel''s roster. However, I don''t think I would name a single one that would guarantee I play the game again for the first time in six months and counting. What would result in Avengers being fired up on my PS5 for the first time in a while is the promise of a more comprehensive follow-on to the game''s initial story. Even though the Hawkeye and Black Panther story were good, they were also quite witty. For

If the game had a very good gameplay, it would be okay. There was a lot of promise, but there is still room to do so, and it feels like it''s too late. Loki was teased in the base game, but he hasn''t been previously mentioned, so I''d even be willing to pay a little extra for it. If it means establishing a game that had already existed for the longest time, then you should pay for it. Make sure you give me something more than a