Sonic Videos are labeled 'for kids' by YouTube, and the revenue of the creators has decreased by 70 percent

Sonic Videos are labeled 'for kids' by YouTube, and the revenue of the creators has decreased by 70  ...

A renewed desire for Sonic the Hedgehog 2 on the way has made for a resounding change in pace for Sonic creators on YouTube. However, this new wave of attention has been shattering.

YouTube has started labeling Sonic videos as "for kids" against the intentions of their viewers. This has resulted in a 70% decline in revenue, causing the platform to not communicating with creators to correct the situation. This is true for films that are clearly not child-friendly, and it''s unclear what YouTubers can do to resolve the problem.

According to Fanbyte, YouTubers have spoken out. Balena Productions, the creators of the Sonic in the Scared Stupid series, is one of the networks that have been affected.

"None of my videos is intended for children," says Balena animator Steven Page after the Sonic teaser was ''for kids.'' "YouTube never gives you clear answers. This video is made for kids, you ask why? and they just give you a list of things that is so broad anything might be made for kids.

"Lost of this has actually forced me to develop a mild cold as a result of my entire body just being shutting down out of anxieties."

Page has decided to cancel the next Sonic Warriors series, which he says will be unresolved. With the way things are currently on YouTube, I cannot waste my time, effort, and money on anything that will be rendered useless, according to him.

Strangely, the ''for kids'' tag is now being added to older films, such as a Sonic Adventure 2 animation from 2014. As a result, the creator has noticed a drop in views, which is because it will not be advertised to adults.

YouTube support has stated that it "totally understand[s] how frustrating this is," but it is a "complicated issue." Some of Balena''s content has been restored to ''not for children,'' but the teaser is still restricted.