The 8 Best Vampire Weapons - Bloodhunt

The 8 Best Vampire Weapons - Bloodhunt ...

Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodhunt has been making the rounds lately as the latest battle royale that you simply must try out if you''re a fan of the genre. However, some of the design choices are quite interesting and may result in quite intense and fun gameplay moments.

Alongside all of the amazing abilities that the archetypes in the game bring to the table, you also have a wide range of weapons to choose from. However, not all of these weapons are created equal, so please allow us to offer you an insight into some of the better options you have available.

8 9-Barrel

The 9-Barrel can be a useful weapon in the hands of an accurate player since it does a lot of damage per hit. The main goal of the weapon is that if you hold down the fire button, it will begin to ramp up and increasing the fire rate. This is, in the end, the fact that it only holds nine rounds.

The round capacity will not be improved as long as it is the fixed nine. What will be improved is the reload speed, which is very important for this weapon, as it is one of the game''s most difficult tasks. Also, there will be a slight increase in the rate of fire.

7 Burst Rifle

The burst rifle, a clear copy of a SCAR assault rifle, is often overlooked by a lot of players, even if it performs very well. Even though it can be extremely successful, it''s biggest difficulty is actually successfully hitting your opponent with more than one bullet from every burst you shoot. This is made even more difficult given how fast you can move in this game.

The rarity bonuses will help you increase your reload speed and effective range. While the reload speed is useful, the effective range will not do much for this weapon, since hitting people at a distance can be tricky due to the burst fire.

6 Double Barrel

Doom built a double barrel, which you can never have trouble seeing. While the pistol has incredible damage output, it is hampered by its limited ammo capacity and the quick damage falloff. In order to make the best profit, you must immediately switch to your other weapon instead of reloading.

Three of the double barrel''s rarity bonuses will be added. Reload speed, effective range, and tighter spread patterns are all at an all-time high. The latter is evidently the most important because it can be the difference between killing an enemy in two well-aimed shots or becoming downed by an adversary with ten HP left.

5 Revolver

Although it''s only a revolver, the gun packs a mean punch, allowing you to down an enemy with six well-aimed shots. If you''re a good shot, this pistol may kill an enemy in up to three bullets.

The rarity rewards for this weapon are excellent reload speed, recoil recovery, and effective range. If you find a legend variant of this firearm, you will even receive two additional rounds.

4 Pump Shotgun

Despite having to to rack between shots, this is the second shotgun in the game. It more than makes up for that with an increased magazine capacity. This gun will be your bread and butter if you like to get close and personal with your enemies.

If you find an epic rarity one, buying rarer versions of this gun will increase reload speed and effectiveness. In addition to the blue rarity, you''ll see a increase of two additional shells in your magazine, topping out at eight rounds.

3 Sniper Rifle

Another classic that no respectable FPS game can go without, the sniper rifle is by far the most damage dealing weapon in the game. It is the only weapon in the game that can defeat an enemy with two headshots. However, landing shots without zooming in isn''t very difficult, so the sniper rifle can be useful even in tight spaces.

If you''re bad at aiming, the sniper rifle gets a decent boost in reload speed, recoil recovery, and effective range. Although this won''t help if you''re adamant at aiming, it will make hitting your target a lot easier.

2 Silenced SMG

This silenced SMG has a very low fire rate that makes up for the low damage. Make sure you have a secondary weapon that performs well in mid to long-range combat, but this weapon is also a useful bonus, allowing you to take fights without alerting half of the map to your position.

If you get hands on better rarities of this pistol, you will see a decrease in magazine capacity, reload speed, and effective range.

1 Assault Rifle

While it may come as surprise to some, the assault rifle is among the most consistent weapons in the game, especially if you use tap fire when you encounter long distances. This weapon can do both, making it one of the best options for your arsenal.

When it comes to rarity bonuses, it receives a larger magazine, quicker reload speed, and an increase in effective range, making it an even better long-range option.